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    4) Walls, that says it all doesn't it?
    I mean they are just that, walls...BUT some are much better than others. Rock walls for instance can be ok, IF they are used properly. Improper use can make your attackers delighted! You need to use them for your protection, NOT theirs. Keep them close and keep them at a level you can use them for protection, as well as for returning any small arms fire. Loosely stacked rocks suck! A round can ricohchet off and get the person next to you or 100 feet away. Bullets can alwasy sneak through also! What to do? Use earth as a wall, rammed into tires about 8-9 inches in thickness, 30-32 inches in diameter, is a real bullet stopper. Rock has a tendency to make bullets act strange, they go all over the place, whereas dirt absorbs the energy and stops them nice and gently.
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