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    5) Ditching...OH boy....Here we go sports fans!...Just about everything you have seen, read, or been told about, ditching is now old hat and useless for the most part today!
    Why? Ever seen a motocross bike? They can jump a hundred or more feet! Newer vehicles in 4 wd can easily defeat most trenches and ditching efforts...Why?
    Because....What you know, is not really what it takes to stop a 2 or 4 wheeled vehicle. Always you have seen trenches and ditches that run across, transverse if you like, a roadway.
    Great, back in WWI and WWII.
    Not so good today. What is required is a series of angled ditches or trenches, that run in a shape of either a "V" or a "W" shape. The steering gets hung up and sucks the tires into a trap that will pull the vehicle into a position where it gets bottomed out, and in MOST (not all) cases, will disable the steering and suspension components. You can easily pull a vehicle out from a ditch, you can't do that with one "trapped" in a series of RUTS that have destroyed the steering linkage or components out of the front ends! I like the word STOP, not stall!
    Even if all you accomplish is to deflate or cause a tire to blow out, it takes time and people have to "expose" themselves to repair the vehicle...Used properly, you can cause a vehilce to roll over completely on it's side or top! Now that's what you want!
    The idea is to STOP the intruder not just to delay them!
    More to come....
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