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    This sort of seem likes the place to post this. I think I found the link on ARFcom somewhere awhile back.

    Archive of USGS maps:
    USGS Maps : Free Software : Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

    The easiest way to find your area is to buy one you know covers your area (try your local national park/forest ranger station). Then use the adjoining sheets diagram to get to where you want to be. Searching by map name worked for me. You could just get lucky searching by map name.

    There is no excuse not to have your area downloaded. To use these, I typically zoom into a usable size, print screen, and paste in power point. Then I can outline routes, add grid lines etc.

    ETA: All USGS maps are public domain:
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    I love USGS, and I think I recently posted a vid about it on my Tube channel. I am impressed with their maps and service. Love them.
  3. Hispeedal2

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    Couldn't agree more. I use US mil maps next to them..... USGS wins hands down.

    I'm still alive.
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    I have to find a National Park someplace nearby. I haven't got my charts yet for this nekka da woods, and my printer won't do USGS maps in a usable size.
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    Agreed. Without a plotter, it's hard to get a good print on these things. They are huge. Try the method I describe. For example, I recently went backpacking with my daughter. I built beautiful maps for the 4 mi up, 4 mi back trip using the PPT method. If a trip is longer, use multiple sheets. It's surprising how easy it is to plot a whole route in a few pages. Even with plenty enough room for terrain association. If you are like me and hate folding maps, it's a great way to make a compact package. Use a sheet protector and rotate to the next page as needed.

    If you want wall pieces.... better find a good place to buy. USGS is an option if you can wade through their catalogs. A local park gift shop makes it easier.
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    In the absence of plotter, a good laser color printer does a great job...
    I printed my maps enlarged to the max with all details in quadrants on A4 premium paper and then run them all through that thing that covers and seals the paper in plastic sheets, so they are waterproof and you can even draw and write on them with erasable perfectly well!
    I'm NOT buying anything I can make!
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