Valentine's Day

Discussion in 'Blogs' started by SeptemberMage, Feb 14, 2008.

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    Well, It's Valentine's Day. All three of my kids had a party at school. I am still twitching from all the estrogen. If I haven't mentioned it, this Stay-at-home-dad thing can wear thin. Ah well, nothing like a room full of unwed mothers in a federally funded facility to make a guy feel uncomfortable.
    Besides that I have continued to explore the TOR project, familiarizing my self with that, and securing my computers.
    I read a story today about Obama's campaign headquarters sporting Che Guevera posters... That's comforting to know: not only did Obama sign off on the Patriot Act, he also wants to make sure that we are disarmed AND he consider's summary executions of political dissidents business as usual... Gotta love what Knee-Jerk liberalism will accomplish.
    I spent the time afterward repairing a decade old wheelbarrow because I can't afford a new one and trying to figure out how I am going to build this garden. It has beel more work than I ever thought and I haven't even planted anything yet. (obviously) but when spring comes I will be ready to go. I even shipped in illegals (origins unknown) to sleep in the garage. I felt really bad hobbling them and cutting out their vocal cords, but they wanted a better life, and SOMEBODY's gotta work the fields. Well that's it for now.
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    I love your rhetoric.
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