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    I think most here know who James Wesly Rawles is.If not, he wrote one of the most popular, and best IMO, survival fiction books on the market."Patriots". A classic in survivalist literature.Well he has a website that has a lot of great info on it.
    One of the most informative forums is titled "Profiles" where he interviews people who have set up retreats or secured thier homesites.He evaluates thier preparations and gives a summary and advice.Very informative info.I urge you to check it out.
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    Thanks for that link. I've talked to James once and had him return my emails twice. I didn't know he had this place also. I'll make sure to check it out.

    I'm with you on the read of Patriots. I got my copy around september '99. was a guibook for my Y2que preps.

  3. Minuteman

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    He has a links page.Maybe you could talk to him about getting a link to our site on there.Maybe a quid pro quo thing.

    BTW, if any of you have not read "Patriots" I highly recommend getting it.It is much more than a work of fiction.The story is based on fiction but all of the preparations and materials talked about are based on fact.Rawles and friends, actually built a retreat just like described in the book.All of the companies and items in the book are real.It is almost a step by step guide book on how to prepare.
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    "Patriots" is a great read..... yup... took alot of thoughts out of that book.... just checked out his site.....
    "Things Fall Apart" .... is another read I enjoyed..... Chinese EMP over the US and then Nukes in the Habors..... Kinda weak in some areas but really makes you think about what's lying on the bottom of our harbors after all those foreign tankers have been going in and out of them all these years...... worth the time....

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