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    and of course these "so-called Wilderness Experts" sent these kids out in the Alaskan Bush with NO FireArms.... and No Instructor with a FireArm.... The whole program should be shut down for "Terminal Stupidity"..... They may get away with that kind of "thinking" in Colorado, but up in Alaska, and out in Brown Bear Country, that is just Negligent, in the extreme. That line about, Oh, We teach them to make lots of noise, so the animals will get out of their way, may work down south, but up here, the ANIMAL LIVES Here, and the Humans need to stay out of their way, or face the consequences of not being prepared, like these kids had to do. My considered Opinion..... YMMV......
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    Bells and whistles in their scat and it smells like pepper spray .

    BT your right on the money!!!!
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    Kinda like taking a swim in a gator pond here....... you are NOT the top of the food chain! :rolleyes:
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