Video: Tsarnaev Brothers Scream “We Didn’t Do It!” During Shootout

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    Sometimes we report on the news. And sometimes we report on the news about the news. Ever since a police officer was murdered at MIT, the prevailing narrative has been that the Tsarnaev brothers committed the Boston bombing. In the last week or so, however, a counter narrative, helped along by Alex Jones’ InfoWars, has been developing.
    This alternative narrative contends that there are holes in the existing evidence, or that there is unaddressed evidence, all of which points to an as-yet-unidentified culprit (or culprits). The Tsarnaev brothers have been fingered, theorists say, because they are at the heart of a government conspiracy or because the cops did shoddy police and don’t want to admit it.
    These theories are possible, but the real question is whether they’re probable. Failing that, they fall into the realm of all conspiracy theories: random dots, connected by invisible lines, with the only real evidence being the absence of evidence.
    It’s useful, before looking at the alternative view, to assemble what we know with reasonable certainty about the Boston bombing and its aftermath.
    The Tsarnaev brother’s mother, Zubeidat, says it was a fake, done with paint. I doubt many of us agree with her so, for purposes of this analysis, we’ll accept as true that it really happened, that three people really died, and that dozens of others were wounded, with the most severe wounds being lost limbs and brain damage.
    We know that there was a tremendous amount of video and photographic evidence, some of which showed people carrying bulky backpacks. Theoretically, any of these backpacks could have held the bomb.
    We know that, when bombing victim Jeff Bauman awakened, he said that, within less than two minutes of the bomb going off, he saw someone give him a peculiar look, drop the backpack, and vanish into the crowd. Relying on this information, the FBI stopped scanning thousands of images and focused, instead, solely on backpack-carrying people within the right distance from Jeff Bauman – and it was this information that led to the footage of Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev.
    We know that, a short time after the Tsarnaev brothers’ images went public, Sean Collier was shot to death on the MIT campus.
    We know that after Colliers’ murder, two men carjacked a man, that the carjack victim contends that the two men identified themselves to him as the Boston bombers, and that the carjackers headed for Watertown, Massachusetts.
    We know that at some point after the carjacking, the police intercepted the car with the two men and lots of shots were fired. One of the men, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, did not survive the experience. There are conflicting theories about whether he died from gun shots or from being hit by a car (and, if the latter, there are conflicting theories about whether his brother or the police hit him), but we’re pretty sure that Tamerlan was dead at the end of it all.
    We know that Dzokhar Tsarnaev, rather than surrendering, vanished, only to be found later hiding in a dry-docked boat. And we know that he was wounded in the throat.
    As for particulars about the brothers, we’ve learned that they were Chechen Muslims; that Tamerlan had become increasingly devout when it came to his religion; that Tamerlan had a felony conviction for assault; that Tamerlan and his mother, Zubeidat, were both getting welfare and on a terrorist watch list; and that Zubeidat has cried out “Allahu Akbar,” which literally means “Allah is great,” but which also precedes a great many terrorist attacks.
    Conspiracy theory number one contends that the Watertown shoot-out was actually a cold-blooded murder aimed at destroying the Tsarnaev brothers. Exhibit A is a video/audio combination that allegedly reveals that (a) only the police fired shots and (b) the Tsarnaevs were alternately crying “chill out” or “we didn’t do it.” You need to listen to the video (below) to determine whether that’s what you hear.
    We were unable to discern those phrases. Even if we could have discerned them, their evidentiary weight is suspect. Probably 90% of the occupants in American prisons have stated “I didn’t do it.” Some actually didn’t, but most did. We also couldn’t tell the direction of the shots, in significant part because we don’t know where the video recorder was when this was filmed.
    And it’s that lack of knowledge that raises the most important question of all about this video: we don’t have any assurance that the video is what it purports to be. For all we know, it could be entirely faked or merely doctored. Either would make it meaningless because it could then neither prove nor disprove that the shootout was a murderous police rampage, rather than a fierce gun battle with mass murderers.
    Video and audio allegedly of the Watertown shootout:
    Absent further evidence, that video simply isn’t compelling proof that the Tsarnaev brothers were declaring their innocence.
    A second theory arises from a 12-second statement that George Bush made when ABC’s Diane Sawyer interviewed him and Laura Bush not long after the Boston bombing. In the snippet that has attracted attention, Diane Sawyer asks Bush whether the Boston bomb took him back to 9/11. George Bush has this to say:
    Well, at first, ah, you know I was deeply concerned, uh, that, um, there might have been a [sic] organized plot. I don’t know all the facts. I don’t think we know all the facts, but I was deeply concerned that, uh, this could have been, um, uh, you know another cons . . . another organized, highly organized attack on the country. And it still may be. Again, I don’t know the facts, but I do know that it’s really hard to protect the homeland.

    According to InfoWars, when Bush says “you know another cons . . . another organized, highly organized attack on the country. . . .” he is actually admitting that 9/11 was a cons…piracy and that the Boston bombing might be one too. To back up this contention, YouTubers point to the fact that Laura, who was looking at him when he spoke, seems to open her eyes fractionally, for a millisecond.
    For those who do not believe that the United States government planned the 9/11 attack, this video seems remarkably straightforward. Bush is famous for mangling language. If you’re older than 20 years, you remember such gems as “misunderestimated,” “Families is where our nation finds hope, where wings take dream,” and “Too many OB-GYNs aren’t able to practice their love with women all across the country.” This is a man who speaks mangled as a second language.
    More than that, if one looks at “cons . . .” in the context of the entire paragraph, he seems to be distinguish individual action (e.g., a lone bomber along the lines of Theodore Kaczynski), from a conspiracy amongst enemies of the United States (e.g., al Qaeda operatives). There’s absolutely no reason to believe that the above snippet constitutes a full confession that 9/11 was an inside job or that the Boston bombing is also an inside job, with the Tsarnaevs as the fall guys.
    You may have a different take on the information now available. However, based upon what we actually know, what we think we know, and what is too inclusive to rely upon, it seems more likely than not that the Tsarnaev brothers did something wrong, whether it was the Boston bombing or a crime spree that involved killing a police officer, carjacking someone, and getting into a fire fight. Everything else is gossamer-thin guesswork that’s not worth building into a world view.

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    These two videos are pretty helpful. Most folks wouldn't even consider the possibilities presented by examining the real evidence of this case, because they trust their corporate masters completely.

    I could clearly hear them saying, "We give up!" and "We didn't do it." --but cops are cops. Some just wanted to kill another bad guy, all pumped up and firing at anything that moves.
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    My problem with the shootout video is that it displayed the phrases "chill out", etc on the screen as they were supposedly being yelled by the suspects. Watch the video with sound on, then turn the volume up a bit so you can hear more clearly, and hit play a 2nd time, but don't look at the screen this time. It's a lot harder to understand what they're saying the 2nd time around, isn't it?

    First time around, I "heard" exactly what was being shown on screen. Playing it a second time without watching, not so much. Were they yelling "chill out, we didn't do it?" Possibly so, but it's impossible to tell if you watch the video while listening to it - the words displayed on screen will trick your brain into "hearing" those words.
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    Nope, somebody said "We give up" and "we didn't do it". Now, if it were these guys or space aliens from Neptune, I can't say.
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    Maybe it's my ears, from too much shooting and loud music over the years - but the only thing I heard was "chill out, chill out" and even then I'm not 100% sure that's what I heard. Point is, I think it's a lot easier to "hear" what they're saying with those words displayed on the screen.

    And, I agree wholeheartedly that

    But I still have a hard time with this particular video because it visually suggests what we're supposed to be hearing.
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    If anyone can find a sound expert that can negate (filter out) the gunfire and other extraneous sounds, the voices could be isolated. Pretty likely expensive, but if the defense counsel is on the ball, it'll get done. Don't hold your breath.
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    I "watched" it twice, both times with the speakers cranked and my eyes closed, and I couldn't understand squat.
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    Using basic deduction I can calculate that even though difficult to hear and it's not entirely easy to make out, I am pretty certain the one guy wasn't yelling, "I want a cheeseburger!, I want a cheeseburger!" or "You smell of elderberries!"

    But I can see your point when you close your eyes, even with headphones on it is difficult because of the gun fire and reverberations.
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    Absolute hooey. I know it isn't any of my business what someone wants to believe about this, the World Trade Center, Katrina, Christianity, Islam, or UFOs; but it still causes me to shake my head. For whatever reason, fantasy is apparently so much more fun than reality.
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    Yup, and reality is sometimes much stranger than fiction. [alien]
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    I'm willing to keep an open mind on almost any subject, be it religion, extraterrestrials, or evil government cabals and machinations. I'm willing to accept almost any possibility. However, I reject any claim as factual without at least a shred of evidence to support it. Piling up a mass of isolated data entries does not a theory make; and just because a claim would be damning to a disliked entity - be that entity Islam, the government, liberals, or extraterrestrials - doesn't lend credence to that claim, at least in my world.

    The audio evidence in that video clip just isn't there. I spent a lot of years listening to voice communications recorded, initially on reel to reel tape, and later in digital files, and at no point in transcribing that clip would I type the words, "We didn't do it." I might have several words marked "(2-3G)" (two to three garbled words) or "(3M)" (three words missed); but plugging in stray words that happen to support a political position insults the listener, and does no credit to those who created the clip.

    Perhaps I spent too much time preparing intelligence reports, but I basically see things in black and white when it comes to information. It either is, or it is not. "It might be" doesn't enter into the equation. As you might assume, I'm not a big fan of the National Enquirer and similar publications. We don't have to make up things in order to condemn the powers that be. There is plenty of evil, and evil doers, within our government to take issue with, without coming up with tabloid fodder. It serves only to help discredit those who attempt to bring forward valid criticisms against the government and LEOs.

    There. My hissy-fit for the evening is over. I'll retreat back into my boring, black and white world, complete with blinders that prevent me from seeing the Emperor's New Clothes. [peep]
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    Here here @tulianr.

    This is just the same as ghost hunting shows or backmasking. All the strange sounds are meaningless until the listener is instructed what to hear. Then it becomes conclusive evidence of ghost hauntings and Led Zeppelin promoting satanism.
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    LOL Take a deep breath tulinar
    this forum:
    Tin Foil Hat Lounge

    Dim the lights, put your RFID chipped
    devices in the complimentary Mylar bags,
    and let the tin foil unwind.[tf] biglaff
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    You're absolutely right. I'm sorry. I actually didn't realize that this was posted in the Tin Foil Hat arena. I'm going to have to start checking that before I begin my rants. I might as well be critically critiquing the engineering behind one of Wiley Coyote's schemes as he attempts to best the Road Runner. My mistake. [rnt] [whiteflag]
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    You are hilarious sometimes. [alien]

    And, as for your qualifications --I hope you do realize that means absolutely nothing on the internet. You might be relatively new to the internet world, and most seniors are. Anybody can become a Google hero or claim to have qualifications. And, when it comes to arguments, you must actually use evidence and facts rather than try to shove your credentials and experience down everyone's throat --especially if you are only making an opinionated comment!

    Too funny! [lolol]
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    And again Broker, like any true believer, you condescend towards those who haven't shared in your particular revelation of truth. I am responding to the absolute lack of evidence presented in the video clip. I am responding to an unsubstantiated claim; in fact, a disingenuous claim.

    You can show me a photo of a cat, and claim that it is a dog, but condescension and an assumed air of superiority still doesn't make it a dog.

    It is true that the internet wasn't around when I was a teenager. I was "trapped" in the real world; and didn't get the opportunity to evolve in a world where lies were indistinguishable from the truth. I grew up in a world where people stopped believing in Santa Claus rather early, because we didn't have the magic of the internet to perpetuate nonsense into adulthood. We didn't have web sites where fellow believers in Santa Claus could gather and convince each other that our altered reality was in fact true; and that it was the non-believers who were out of step.

    This "Google Hero" can substantiate any claim that I make about my past experience or qualifications because I did, and do, live in the real world; not some sad internet existence. Being a master of bullsh$t may be proud mantle for some to wear, but I will certainly not pay homage to those who do. To me, the truth is not an abstract thought experiment.

    Your intellect, thoughtful comments, and incite are always appreciated. Your condescension though, becomes tiring.
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    That's the great thing about the internet, you can always turn it off. Also, this forum has an ignore feature. If you truly "tire" of me, make a choice. =)
    As I have stated to you before, I never intend to seem condescending. I cannot help how you interpret my words or how you choose to perceive reality. I have, however, spent more than 7 years on this forum, on and off, using most of that time to post facts and data to support any claim to my chosen "reality". I do not need to claim to be an expert document reader or 25 year professional sound analyzer to trump a very simple fact presented, but if that's your cup of tea, it certainly makes me laugh and I thank you for it. :)

    Here's some humility for you. I have made some of the very same mistakes you have, by stating my experience in law and monetary system study. I realized nobody can take that seriously on the internet, and it only takes a bit of truth and a little humor sometimes to get much farther.

    The truth is often times very simple, and it does not beg for complex answers to be verified only by "experts". Just saying. Also, lighten up, man. Try to have some fun. You're not gonna tick me off if you take a jab. I probably deserve it at times.

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    You..... mean.... Santa Claus ... isnt... real? [angelsad]damn it! Now my whole world is crashing down..
    Thats me today....:rolleyes:
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    Almost one third of Americans believe that a secretive power elite is conspiring to rule the world via an authoritarian global government, according to a new national poll.

    A survey conducted by Public Policy Polling, labeled by many as a pro-Obama outfit, seems to be aimed at ascribing belief in “crazy conspiracy theories” to Republicans by mixing in real cover-ups and conspiracies with outlandish ideas.

    However, despite the constant media drumbeat about the clear move towards centralization of power being a baseless conspiracy theory, the poll reveals that 28 per cent of Americans believe that “a secretive power elite with a globalist agenda is conspiring to eventually rule the world through an authoritarian world government, or New World Order.”
    Prison » Poll: Almost One Third of Americans Believe in New World Order

    I bet the elites right now are yelling, "WE DIDN'T DO IT!" :D
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