Virtual EDC - which digital survival kits do you carry?

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    When you travel you may have an emergency plan ready to use but when a situation occurs, it is unlikely that you will have access to all of your resources. What you will have access to is what you carry on your person at all times - your EDC including your phone, music player, tablet or laptop.

    As everything is becoming digitalized, we can carry information on these devises in the form of an electronic file - I carry a number of apps etc on my iPhone, which never leaves my pocket.

    I am collating an ‘Ultimate List’.

    Which apps, software or files do you carry with you at all times?

    To start off, my favorites are;

    1. Real-time Bushcraft Survival Guide audiobooks;

    2.Wild Plant Survival app; Wild Plant Survival Guide on the App Store on iTunes

    3. First Aid App iFirstAid Lite on the App Store on iTunes

    Which others do you carry?
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  2. BTPost

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    I still have my iTouch G2, that has most of my Survival PDFs, as well as ALL My Brains. (Calendars, AddressBook, a few Tunes, & Pictures) Then, I have my iPad2, that has ALL My Brains, All the PDFs from VisuTracs DVD Distribution, ALL MY Mapping Apps, with North America USGS & Road Maps, ALL My Engineering Reference Books, My copy of DuPont's Blasters Handbook, and my Chemistry of Energetic Materials Reference Material. Momma keeps all the Tunes on her iPad3, plus all the Mapping Stuff, and duplicates most of the rest on her iPhone4. Since both iPads & her iPhone have built in GPS, BlueTooth, and WiFi, we are covered while navigating, and can transfer information as required between devices, while away from home. Also, all three have Cellular Data, if selected, so we have portable Internet, if it is needed. ALL four Portable Devices are backed up to our OWN Servers via Encrypted VPN Tunnel , so if anything is lost, it can be recovered via WiFi, or Cellular Data, and we can get anything stored on our Servers, downloaded as well. The Servers are running about 14 TB of Data on a Pair of Drobos, with still a bit of room for expansion. There is also a Legacy MacOS 9.2.2 Server, on the Network, that we can get to, via the VPN Tunnel, that will run all the Legacy Software and files from back in that Day, about 2TB worth. I feel we are we'll setup for how and where we live, and when traveling, in the FlatLands....... ..... YMMV...
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  3. HK_User

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  4. -06

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    Ditto HK, guess I am just technologically challenged but figure all electronics stand the chance of being fried or rendered useless. Have plenty of hard copy books/TMs/references/etc. and hope not to have to leave any. We keep topos/area maps/ of local areas and road maps of the entire east--well except for NY and above--figure if I have to go there I will just make a stand somewhere--lol. Do have AT maps all the way up.
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  5. VisuTrac

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    With the man so interested in our entire lives, cell phones, tablets become a treasure trove of information.
    They love prying into them. If they can't get in, it's liable to be wiped out or unusable or unreturned.

    I'm a technologist. I love the stuff. I just don't count on it. Amazing what you can put on a scrap of paper and stick in your wallet or in the lining of your coat or under the insole of your boot or where ever.
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  6. -06

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    Or in your head.
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  7. VisuTrac

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    As I get older .. paper seems more reliable at times. ;)
  8. HK_User

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    When the top of line DICK TRACY wrist computer arrives, using a no hack OS, solar charger and all the other bells and whistles I'll think about purchasing Gen3. Then I'll have at least 3 of them, all mirrored and with a cloud too.
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  10. STANGF150

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    Ummmm.........visit yer local Verizon store. Theres a Watch LoL
  11. Yard Dart

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    If and EMP hits, any with electronics are most likely F'd..... That being said I have 3 mirrored laptops, an I-phone and a droid with assorted data on them...... but then I also have hard copy binders to back up the data needed for shtf.... but that is just me.
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  12. Motomom34

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    None. I have a whistle and I know how to use it! :D I have heard lots about apps but all I know is that they are little squares. I am a book/paper person.
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