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Discussion in 'Blogs' started by monkeyman, May 15, 2007.

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    Well, Ive been out on the new job and just came home about the first of the month. Ive been running around constantly trying to catch up on getting water runs done, doing a few repairs around the place like the feed shed door the goats tore up, seeing friends here at home and so on. Oh andd also planning a wedding. Yeah thats right, after more than 9 years together MO titmouse (AKA Tina) and I are going to make it official and get married this fall.

    The new job has been great other than being away from the farm. With overtime and such its allowing me to make a LOT more than I was able to localy and will allow us to pay off the land and trailer, build the house and make other needed improvments a lot quicker and easier.

    I should be headed back out later this week and probably wont be online much again untill I get my laptop in a couple of months and get it linked up to the net but Im on the phone with MO titmouse pretty much every day, usualy a few times a day, and she is going to take over on updateing the site for me on what's going on here at the farm as well as some updates on whats going on with me at sea.
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