Walmart Bans Ammo Sales

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by john316, May 1, 2015.

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  3. ditch witch

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    They were selling it this morning.
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    hmmm. Well I'm not running down to Walmart during a riot for guns and ammo. But the thugs will.
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    As the subtitle states,
    Walmart employee says Baltimore location ordered to pull all ammunition from shelves

    Nothing to really scream about. If it was ordered for all stores nation wide, then I could understand.

    (edit) I wonder if they had sold out days before the riots went full retard by those wanting to protect their lives and property.
  6. Gator 45/70

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    They did that down here for Katrina, Nothing new, Standard policy.
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  7. NotSoSneaky

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    China mart always pulls ammo during any "crisis".

    Best to have a couple thousand rounds on hand so you're not caught wanting. [tongue]
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    Down to a couple thousand rounds would be its own crisis...hissyfit
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    Likewise Techsar, would be in a panic. In a SHTF situation if you do not have it you will not be able to get it. Remember, crisis is the absence of preparation.
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    That headline is a prime example of today's news. The headline is misleading. Actually 95% of the headlines written are misleading. IMO we live in a society that most just skim the headlines. People say they are too busy to read the story, so they think if the read the headline they are informed. Also- many get their news off of twitter. One can't get much info off a tweet.
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    Twitter is like MSM.... in that Headlines, and Tweets, are where Low Information Folks get their view of the World..... They are to busy Texting, Sexting, and walking into Light Posts, to worry about what is actually happening around them.....
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    Walking, as if brain dead.... It's finally happened.. Zombies !!
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