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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by SB21, Sep 15, 2018.

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    I saw something posted somewhere , maybe here , or somewhere else ,,,,but it was said Walmart may be having sales on their rifles . and I had a buddy of mine out in Nebraska call to tell me he had just bought a 22 LR for 99 bucks . Can't remember brand or model . Well , I got online and found an article that said Walmart is going to be selling off all of their weapon's . I think it said they are going to phase them out and not be selling them in 2019 . Maybe keep an eye on them for a potential deal .
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    @SB21 Thanks! We'll keep an eye open because a sell like that here would last about 5 minutes...about as long as it takes for me to get to the counter and say "I'll take it all." LOL! I truly doubt they will have it here but I will be watching. I am not being arrogant just that they sell just about everything and anything they put up so...this is gun and truck country (North Idaho) and you damn well better have both. Nevertheless, maybe Fairy Godmother will grant me a Walmart wish!
  4. Bishop

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    There are Walmarts here in Florida that don't carry guns but around the hunting community's they all do.
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    If they sit on the shelf for a while , they may drop the price on those . I'll be watching around here as well.
    Thanks AOG,,
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    If you want a good deal on guns chrch out rk guns they even do 60 day layaway
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    While you're at Walmart, pick up the kiddie pools on sale. You can often find the small blow up pools for $7 after summer in clearance. They're good for a bazillion things.
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    Walmart started to get out of the firearm and ammo business a few years back. They found out it really hurt their sales, and got back into it. Interesting if they've made the decision to get out now, as it will probably hurt their bottom line...and ultimately they have a financial duty to their shareholders not to hurt share prices/bottom line. Having said that, I'm always up for a good deal on firearms.
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    The country walmart here doesn't sell guns, but the city one does.
    That's ok because there are about a dozen gun stores that I know of between the 2 walmarts.
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    I see Classic FireArms has Mosin's for 299
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    I thought you had forgotten a decimal point.

    91/30 used to be $34.99 all day long, M38 and M44 were $39.99 and beat up Yugo SKS could be had for $50. You could find all of these and other imports; Norinco, Maadi, FAL, CETME, Dragonov, Enfield, as well as U.S. surplus bolt actions and an occasional M1. Best part was they were at discount stores like Roses and KMart.

    The Hughs Amendment made things more expensive, but the '89 Import Ban took all the fun out of the gun game.
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    Let me fix that for you $299.99 Which in today's market ain't that bad for those who may be looking.
  13. ghrit

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    A Finnish MN would be worth that and a bit more. It is VERY hard for me to believe that supply and demand has run the price up that far for a Russian issue..
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    Well, Like you I do see some asking $450.00 in private sales, Just guessing they may let it go for $400.00...
  15. Brokor

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    Yeah, I visited recently and the cashier for that department said they aren't selling any rifles or ammunition at all even though it's in plain sight because they were "waiting for their firearms license renewal from the BATF". And that told me everything I needed to know.
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    Same story I'm getting as well!
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  17. techsar

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    Since when is a firearms license required to sell ammo?

    That's a corporate decision
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  18. DarkLight

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    @techsar - From am FFL standpoint you are correct, no license needed to sell ammo. However, having worked in corporate america as long as I have, I have no doubt that there is a blanket corporate policy that lumps ammo and firearms (if the store is a firearm store) together and if they can't do one (FFL) the won't do the other. It's just "easier" to tell the clerk that we can't sell firearms or ammunition at this time.

    Now, is it a bigger decision? Possibly...probably. However...if you have an inventory (and a bound book), and your FFL lapses or expires, um, what does that mean for all the firearms that you now cannot sell and is keeping them now breaking the law? Or do they own them as a corporation now, which could get REALLY hairy.

    Paging @BTPost. I know you have an FFL...what is the disposition of your inventory if your FFL lapses?
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    The Law requires that when an FFL Lapses the Licensee can no longer sell inventory to Private Citizens, but can transfer them to another FFL... All these transactions MUST be recorded in the “Bound Book” and then if the FFL IS CLOSING THE BUSINESS, when the last of the inventory has been transfered, the Bound Book is then sent to the ATF, which then transfers it to the National Archives to be stored, FOREVER... If the case is THAT the FFL LICENSE has lapsed but a Renewal has been filed before it lapsed, the FFL can continue doing business, until he either receives the new License, OR it is NOT Renewed, in which case he must divest the Inventory. He may, lwith permission, transfer his Inventory to himself as a Private Citizen, and possess it himself, if these transactions are recorded in the Bound Book...

    Ammunition Sales were unRegulated a couple of decades ago, Not selling. would be a Company decision, and has nothing to do with the ATF, as long as the Ammunition in question is not Prohibited by Federal or State Statute...
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    Just a question,if everybody quit selling ammo do you have enough? Better keep buying the gov can stop ammo sales anytime they want to. Think about it.
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