Watching the Exodus from Rita's Wrath

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by melbo, Sep 22, 2005.

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    ANd I can't help thinking that those people stuck on the Expressway for 20+ hours should have taken another route. I live on the very rural end of a tourist area. I go nowhere near the main roads when I know they are full.

    We used to do the same thing on Holidays in Michigan whenThe entire downstate population would head "Up North" for the weekend. Same parking lot look. Same thing when I used to go cross country on the Bike with the wife. 2500 miles on expressway is boring and tiring. The back way was always more interesting and in some situations was the only way to find fuel. (I was once in Utah filling up my bike and was told that the next exit was 130ish miles up...I had a range of around 120)

    I would venture to say that if I lived in Galveston, I would not be in the 'parking lot' as the news is calling it. I'd be on back roads, and two tracks hopping from small town to small town.

    So, Do you have a back way out or two? Nothing would be more disgraceful than to be trapped in that situation when you knew better...

    I have a few routes out of my AO. I'm going to find a few more this weekend
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    Oh yeah, when on vacation we have come home taking lots of different routes. I am sure that the folks headed to my house wish they knew of some other ways here. There are six people headed our way right now, four of them have been on the road for five hours and have only gone sixty miles on a two hundred mile trip. By the time they all get here, we will have an extra 11 weathering the hurricane with us. Several of the models have the storm coming straight through our area. We will have the hatches battened down. [camo]
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    We live on a 2 lane hiway and can get on dirt in a couple hundred yards from the drive and from there to another 2 lane. I also keep maps in the truck so that if needed I can pull over and figure out a different route. Which then to Im in a rural area in the midwest so we dont have anything that would have warning and call for a BO. The only things around here that would be likely to occure to cause an evacuation would be along the lines of a chemical spill or some such which would be localized enouph that especialy in this sparcely populated of an area there should be little concern of mass traffic jams. Its kind of like the joke that you know your in the midwest when your idea of a traffic jam is 3 cars waiting to pass a piece of farm equiptment. So in any wide spread situation my plan is to get or stay home and if there is an absolute need to BO then around here I wouldnt see any big problems but do have multiple routes available to get out of the imediate area.
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