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Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by freyasman, Mar 28, 2012.

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    I have a question about water filters; I have been reading up and I keep getting conflicting reviews. I live, literally, on the banks of the Cumberland River, so I have unlimited water.... I just have to filter it. For backpacking, or a bug-out, I would use a Katadyn filter, but to shelter in place, due to a power outage or storm, I was thinking Big Berkey. Amazon has so many conflicting reviews, I don't know what to think, can anyone help?
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    i bought a big berky and i love it. I use it daily,filter all drinking/dish washing and cooking water,and im on "city water" at present time. The place ive bought in Mo has well yipppeee
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    Do a search here. Lots of opinions from people who depend on them. A while back, they had issues with their filters. I think that has been fixed.
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    There are some excellent threads on Potable Water, and filtration, in the Off-Grid forum... Written by Colt Carbine (Our Resident Plumbing Expert) that you might want to look at.... .... YMMV....
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    I am happy with my BigBerky system.
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    Cumberland River where??
    For me 49°15'30."N 124°35'40."W 100M above datum, the Cumberland River is just over the next bump.
    Filtering out deer / bear / eagle /fish poo ? if your far enough up the river.
    There is a bottle water filling area plus a booze factory on 2 other streams of either side of the Cumberland River. The bottle water plant has filtration , but since the water is pristine , brita or a simple carbon style would do me.. Now Your Cumberland River could be thick enough to walk on.


    Edit add. To filter well , is to know what you expect to filter , and then use the correct size and filtering compounds.
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