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    I saw this site a while back while I was searching for fresh springs in my area. But it is more of a Canadian American site. I thought it would interest people to know where there are fresh clean drinking springs across Canada and the U.S. and even down into the Caribbean. You can easily see your area on the map and click on it.
    Find A Spring
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    I have 20 acres of land in North central Florida. I consider it paradise for me. I would never seriously consider living anywhere but the USA. We have our flaws no doubt, racial divisiveness, financial woes, incarceration numbers, crooks and megalomaniacs in political offices, a majority of dumb mass ill informed voters who have no clue as to US Law of the Land, and Rule of Law, are just the major ones that jump out of my mind. Even so it is my country and I will do everything I can to endure and or to put her back on the path to her true roots as envisioned by our founding fathers. As a prepper I consider WATER my most valuable resource. I have 2 wells on my property and have the capability to go from electric 240ac to 12vdc to manual extraction via a hand pump in a time period of 60 seconds to 5 minutes max. My water is clean and I have it tested every few years. Yes there are known springs all throughout the state and county I live in. I like you stated before believe a revolution or a financial collapse will occur in the easily seen foreseeable future. If an when that happens, I do not trust our present all invasive government to be able to handle the demands of the non-resourceful population majority of dumb masses. As things degrade into chaos, and they will quickly in the cities first, the smarter more devious of the ill prepared will remember these clear clean water sources pointed out in your linkable map above. Just like the water holes of Africa are killing grounds for animals as well warring genocidal native tribes and governments, they will be here. It is the nature of the beasts. Mother nature and animals outside of Disney cartoons can be quite cruel and vicious.
    Do you have more than just a spring nearby for water? A well, rain catchment, a cistern ???
    Rural areas have more of a sense of self sufficiency and closeness to neighbors and community, than those in the cities. I would gladly take the mountains of Panama over NYC. Your odds of survival there are much greater than the almost 100% guaranteed killing fields of the cities once the lights go out. Speaking of which, have you read "one second after" or "lights out"? Both of those books might alter your way of thinking just a little. Not to say you are wrong in anything .... we are all human after all. We all sin and we all err, and we are all flawed in some ways and at some times. You also might be well off to read "unintended consequences".
    I have rambled on long enough. I wish you peace, happiness, and safety. Tac
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    @tatiana I linked that site in the chat box earlier this week but I am glad it is now in a thread that people can find. One monkey had noted that a spring they knew of was not listed. That site does not list all the springs but springs that people post to that site. I know that there is a spring (two actually) that are not listed on that map but are noted on the topo maps that @Dunerunner linked a few weeks back. I talked to a local that grew up in the area as a child and he knew all the water sources from running around the woods as a child.
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    I keep getting redirected to the middle of china...but if the site worked it would be good ;)
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    Worked for me. Try it again @techsar
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    Cool. I'll try again after the gig.
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    You are very lucky to have so many resources on your property. I haven't read the books you recommended but I intend to read more on preparedness, particularly, homesteading. But I love Carl Hiaasen he's my favorite satirist, and Bad Monkey was HILARIOUS- my fave so far in addition to Nature Girl. I know where my local spring is and it isn't close; it's in the national park up above. I am still learning about practical things-I can talk to you ad nauseum about quantum physics but have no clue honestly, about cisterns etc. It makes me feel bad because I am conscious of my ignorance of practical matters but intelligent enough to learn about them now. I lived a life sheltered from the land and practical things and now I am learning from you about it. I joke about redneck but truth be told I really want to learn and I feel a lot of time spent in the ivory tower was not wasted but not very useful.
    Anyway I don't think you ramble. And I take ambien to sleep so I ramble and am high when writing most of these posts-the ambien makes you or at least me loopy but I still need it for life long insomnia. So if TSHTF, I am going to be extremely cranky without my sleep. Thanks for asking me about the cistern etc. I'll get back to you on that.
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    A cistern is nothing more than a large rain catchment holding tank. Often now days many folks use single or multiple plastic food grade 50 to 60 gallon barrels, or metal pallet, metal protected large 250 gallon plastic tanks for serious rain catchment. WATER is the most important resource to ALL LIFE. 3 DAYS is all you have without any source of water before you die. I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a safe source of water. When it comes to important things for our survival, preppers think along the idea that One is good, Two is better, and Three is ideal. How do you get your water right now? Do you transport water in some way from the distant spring? Do you buy jugs of bottled water? What exactly do you do now? We can talk about tons of other topics later, but right now with what little info I have from you I would say your Water resources is something that could render you helpless, sick or dead quickly in a worst case scenario unless you improve your self sufficiency in that area.
    God, that seems so gloom and doom. Let me try to lighten up just a bit. Tell me about your gardening, your neighbors, your pets and livestock, the shelter you live in and what kind of roof it has. How far you have to go for grocery staples. What type of transport you use or own. All the books I listed are novels, but they also have much info for preppers to glean and hold dear as knowledge that could save their lives. More important books at this time might be those than lean to practical self sufficiency. There are many good or even great ones. I can highly recommend 3 that I have read (2 of which are in my permanent extensive hard copy library).
    The Good Life: Helen and Scott Nearing's Sixty Years of Self-Sufficient Living: Scott Nearing, Helen Nearing: 9780805209709: Amazon.com: Books
    The "Have-More" Plan: Ed Robinson, Carolyn Robinson: 9780882660240: Amazon.com: Books
    The Encyclopedia of Country Living, 40th Anniversary Edition: The Original Manual of Living Off the Land & Doing It Yourself: Carla Emery: 9781570618406: Amazon.com: Books
    We all search for kindred spirits to discuss things with, to share with and to learn from. Everyone has something to teach others whether they realize it or not. I wish you well in all you try with a good heart put in it. Tell me more. Ask whatever you wish, I will try to give good answers or steer you to a source for them. Tac
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    Checked the resource for springs in my area.

    I know of a few not listed. [tongue]
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    Any springs I know of, and are well off the beaten path, I will record with GPS and topo maps to be a close hold info for my family, close friends and tribe. I will ensure the knowledge is not lost. I will not openly call attention to these water sources for the reasons I stated early in this thread. Tac
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    Could someone else try going to "Louisiana" and see if they get a marker just north of Bhutan?
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    I found that spring site to not be user friendly and to be really really inaccurate, when you read it its developed by people contributing to the site. Thus the inaccuracies
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    But, everyone knows that everything on the internet, Wikipedia, and confirmed by Snopes is 1000% true. I am going to call the Whitehouse and tell Barry what a liar you are and ask him to have you locked up with those dreadful people who do not believe in Global warming or Total World Peace before he leaves office in 2025. You are probably one of those evil birthers that are also against us joining the New World Order and then the Federation of Planets. tic
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    why would i tell everyone where springs are in my area of the world
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    Bingo!!! ^^^ +1
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    I live in a Rain Forest... There aren't enough Trees, to make enough Paper, to list all the Water Sources, in my neck of the Woods... There is a stream, pond, creek, river, puddle, spring, or lake, OR Glacier, every 100 Sq. Yards over the whole of SE Alaska...
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    I live in a desolate wasteland! No water what so ever! ;):whistle:
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    Liar's all of you..... I am the only one with no water nearby..... not a creek, lake or river..... nada..... [seeno][hearno][sayno]
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    Ha! I had to order instant water online. (Just add water):cautious::rolleyes:
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