Water, something we are temporarily lacking in.

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    I'm very happy that we are not in a grid down situation, where we have to fend for ourselves, or keep others at bay. But, our most of our current water system failed. I didn't expect the rainwater collection system to have to be in place so long, honestly.

    Four years with PVC pipes having been in direct Sunlight for most of the day. Three of our water tanks failed, dumping much of the water that was collected, and that had been being used by the boss's parents, on the ground. No, I didn't paint the outside of the PVC pipes when I installed the system. That sun is pretty hard on PVC, making it very brittle. But, I have to admit, four years in the Cambodian Sun and heat of the day? Pretty fair, I would think.

    But, like I said, I figured I would have something else in place, by now. Fortunately, we have a solution - albeit a temporary one. (Right, Paul. Sure.)

    The bore (well) drilling machine cannot get back to where they need to drill the bore. So, we just have to "rough it" until early next year - as long as the rains stop by then. :D

    I think things have finally come around for us to do what we need to do. We are preparing to move out to the farm, hopefully, by the end of this month (May). If so, we will expand our rainwater collection system, like I said, at least temporarily. I am about to buy an 8,000 liters (2113 gal) poly tank, which we found at a good price, to our system. Last month, I had a 7m x 5m barn (23 ft x 16.4 ft), and a 7m x 3m (23ft x 9.8ft) chicken house constructed, from which to collect more of this season's rainwater. With the rains we get from now through November, it will stay filled. When we finally get the bore (well) drilled, we can clean the tank and attach it to the bore (well) system.
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  2. Motomom34

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    Roughing it is good. Helps with learning and really makes you appreciate the luxuries in life.
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  3. Dunerunner

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    You have an opportunity to now think about alternatives for water and how you can best approach accommodating them. You are getting a poly tank, and that is good. You are having a Bore well punched and that is good. You are planning a rain water collection system, excellent! Pumps, filtration, treatment system, containerization (polycarbonate bottles), might be on the list also.

    Good to know that PVC needs to be protected from the sun to prevent degradation....
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    Knew an old man years ago, and I am 79, that was born on Cape Cod in the late 1890's and was a Snow. His family was in construction, owned a facility for rendering whale oil and he had helped make whale oil from "blackfish" that beached during WW I, had windmills and wooden pans to make salt for packing fish, and their old farm is at least part of the Cape Cod National Seashore. They drilled wells in the sandy soil with a tripod and an open drill type pipe used to haul the dirt out and drove a metal casing down around the drill as the dirt was removed. Went down well over 100 feet he said, worried about salt water intrusion in shallow wells, used wind mills to raise the water, and made round tanks by digging into the sand and lining the sides and bottom with metal wire and concrete plaster. Showed me what was left of a couple of the tanks about 1975 and the ruins of the old try works. Wonder what the locals in Thailand did before plastic tanks etc came in?
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    I'm sure Paul can tell us, but if there is rain there is streams, rivers, ponds etc.
    And Paul... I've can't say I've ever seen a PVC water tank, was it some other re-purposed tank?

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  6. Cruisin Sloth

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    Filter rain water better than lower sub water . Chemtrails land in your area
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  7. arleigh

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    Check out the radiation network for levels in your area .
    It's not just the Fukushima event ,though it is what started the network initially, radiation is all over the country and nuke plants evaporative coolers sometimes are the cause .
    Right after the Fukushima disaster, clouds from japan were depositing radiation heavily all over the US ,yes even to the east coast people were reading radiation in the snow .
    Things are changing in the pacific ocean , worth watching where your rain water is coming from.
    I own a geiger counter , and do not hesitate to bring it out and test the ground around me from time to time, even take rides to the ocean to compare the levels.
    Regardless of the nay sayers, levels have risen in the ocean since Fukushima . On the coast here I got levels of 11 rads and later as much a 22 rads. Haven't been for the last 2 years , I should visit the coast again soon .
    Having your own water testing gear put's your self at ease or alert . I prefer having my own gear rather the assuming the responsibility on others .
    Just after the Fukushima event the government shut down coastal Geiger counters reestablished NEW safe levels of radiation which are higher than previous limitations ,however the evidence is showing that radiation is effecting both wild life and plant life, at these supposedly safe levels . Check out the fish and wild life in Alaska. the media is suppressing the truth ,much like their manipulation of the goings on of the congress and president.
    People are sneaking out information from Japan concerning the levels of radiation that is still ruining lives.
    Your area may be good for now but the future no one knows.
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    I admire your interest in radiation and radioactivity. BUT and it is a significant BUT, there is a very real difference between radiation and radioactivity. I strongly suggest some study, in depth, before starting to use an instrument to measure either one. If you were in a 22RAD (depending on the radiation being measured) field for more than a very few minutes, you are likely communicating with us from beyond the grave.

    Briefly, the radioactivity is the turd, the radiation is the stink. How bad it stinks depends on what's in the turd. AND for the discussion to mean anything, both must be cited.
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  9. Asia-Off-Grid

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    No idea. I live in Cambodia. :D

    The tanks we originally used here, and what most Khmers use, are poly tanks.

    Sorry. The tank isn't PVC. The pipe on the current rainwater harvesting system is.

    Why not use both?

    Thanks, @ghrit I will never look at radioactivity, OR radiation, the same way - ever again. :D
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  10. Asia-Off-Grid

    Asia-Off-Grid RIP 11-8-2018

    In my case, I would be more concerned with Arsenic in the groundwater, than anything else.
  11. arleigh

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    No matter where the water comes from, your going to want to test and filter it, even if it's stored.
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  12. Kingfish

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    Good to hear you are going to get a well drilled.
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