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Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by E.L., Aug 25, 2005.

  1. E.L.

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    I read through the water storage part of SM, but I was wondering how the members here store their water. So far I just have water stored in gallon jugs that formerly held tea, milk, etc. Yes, they were thoroughly cleaned with soap and water, and even bleach. Now I have them stored in a cool, dark place, but I also know these will leak after around six months. So what do y'all use?
  2. monkeyman

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    There is a guy not for from here that gets barrels from Pepsi that they use for syrup I guess at the plant. We get the 30 gallon ones for like $15 and 60 gallon ones for like $20 so we keep a few of those around that we use durring the winter anyhow for our water when the pipes freeze. They're extra cool the first few dozen times they are filled as they still have a slight Pepsi taste, lots better than just stale water. lol We have a tap for them like a hose spigot and a stand so they can set on thier side about 18" off the floor and have a faucet, that was our whole water system for the first few months we lived here.
  3. RightHand

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    I keep ice blocks in the freezer. While they aren't of much use in a bug out situation, they serve two purposes at home. During summer power outages, easily melted and used and they also help reduce utility cost of running a 1/2 empty chest freezer.
  4. E.L.

    E.L. Moderator of Lead Moderator Emeritus Founding Member

    Hmm, I may need to go talk to Coke, Pepsi, etc. That would work great.
  5. sniper-66

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    I got several 55 gallon blue plastic barrels that were used with water treatment chemicals. I hot rinsed them for two hours and filled them for storage. Went to a local dealer and bought a bung wrench and bung seals. Work like a champ, but you ain't moving them once they are full. During the winter, I tap one and the wife uses it to water her indoor plants with a barrel pump. In the spring, I pour the left over water out and start over.
  6. monkeyman

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    They can be moved but you aint gonna pick them up and toss them around. We use the 60 gallon ones mostly and have to haul them from town in the truck, roll them off the truck then use a dolly to get them in the house. I took one of the bung caps and put a heated rod through the center and screwed the hose spigot into the threads in it. We then have a stand for it that is like a box that when in use the top side has a place for the barrel to set and one of the bottom corners is rounded and it has coaster wheels on the bottom. You put the lip of this under the edge of a barrel and trip the barrel over onto it across the round corner it then settles so it will sit on the wheels so the barrel is on its side and up far enouph to make for ease of use.
    Sniper is right though in that they are NOT easy to move since 60 gallon of water weighs around 540 lbs.
  7. BRONZ

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    ice blocks are a good idea.

    Since moving into my small homestead I have bought some 30 gal. barrels. Got the green light from the wife unit.

    I chose 30gal. over 55 because 55's are to hard to move around.

    I have tried using or reusing other containers but have not liked the results after testing and rotating. They always had a smell or a taste.
  8. ghostrider

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    We rinse and refreeze 2 liter plastic coke bottles, and freeze them. Like RH said, the freezer being full-thermal mass is easier on the freezer, plus, if you use them as ice, when they melt, you can drink the water.

    I like the 5 gallon cans, they are easier to fill, carry and use.

    Walton Feed has some 15 gallon, one man can move them.
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