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  1. the68

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    I'm working on compiling equipment for survival systems for both of my vehicles. I want them to be a three-part system; one part that can be grabbed from the vehicle and carried as a backpack on foot with all the necessary survival and emergency accoutrements if necessary (obviously the smart thing in most cases is to stay with your vehicle but you never know what you might have to do), one part that is vehicle specific and thus would be useless weight if carried along on foot, and the last part winter-specific and can be stored separately at home during the summertime. Has anyone used a similar system or found another that really works for them? I'm open to any and all suggestions. Part of my inspiration for wanting to do this is I am having a permanent change of duty station within the next couple of months and it very well could be to a fairly cold, rough, and remote environment.

    What do you guys keep in your vehicle that you have found to be practical and use on a regular basis? I'm thinking practical stuff that I can actually use in realistic, likely situations... a car accident/hitting a deer/etc, getting stuck on a muddy or snowy road, car trouble, getting stranded (shouldn't happen if you're prepared but stuff happens especially in winter) I'm really curious to see what people carry and find to be useful. What other situations have you thought of that could happen while you were out and about in your vehicle and prepare yourself for?

    I already keep a military trenching shovel in the car after getting almost hopelessly stuck in the snow a few years ago and certainly would have been if I didn't have that shovel. I'm also planning on getting a set of recovery boards and some snow chains for wintertime if my next station is up north.

    For the backpackable part, I really want waterproof rucksacks and was wondering if anyone had a durable, relatively inexpensive dry bag they were happy with that could be worn on your back? I've been looking at dive bags such as the Cressi dry Gara backpack if you're curious as to the style I'm looking for. I know Patagonia makes a similar bag and they would repair it if it got holes etc. down the road too. The Cressi seems like it would endure years of being kicked about in the back of a vehicle though and is pretty inexpensive.
    Thanks for any suggestions!
  2. ghrit

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    Hey coastie

    You might do a site search on bugout bags and the like. There's quite a bit if info hanging out, with a lot of personal preferences and explanations included.
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  3. Dunerunner

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    I acquired two relatively light duffels from my son-in-law. One has necessities that would suffice for winter or summer, the other has changes of clothes and emergency gear. I have an older backpack that has my portable shelter, knives, machete, bow saw, canned food, camp stoves, mess kit, water filter and other essentials. I do not commute to work, but do live in an area where I may have to bug out. When I travel, there is 35 feet of living space fully stocked behind the truck. :D
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    I tagged this thread for 'car kit' and 'bug out vehicle', so the related threads ought to help out, also. See the bottom of the page for related links.
    Cold weather car kits ought to have a wool blanket or two and the appropriate gear for cold weather.
    Also think about communications. Not always about talking, can also include emergency broadcasts for inclement weather.
    Here are some winter clothing ideas.

    Welcome aboard! :cool:
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  5. the68

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    Thanks for all of the information so far! Super helpful. My wife and I are planning on getting our HAM certs and already have two Baofengs we are experimenting with as beginners. I’m sure I’ll be doing a lot of browsing and researching on here for that as well. Dune runner, my wife and I are actually thinking of a 4x4 sprinter or something similar as our next vehicle because we feel it would fit our lifestyle really well. We used to have a large van and miss being able to take some amount of living space with us wherever we went. do any of you have heaters that you have used such as Mr. Heaters? If so how do you go about storing them and the fuel? I’ve also been looking into the new top handle battery operated chainsaws that some companies have been making to throw in the car when we know there’s going to be storms with downed trees or we’re going to be going into more remote areas... we’ve been in situation where we wished we had one to clear us a path.

    Brokor, that wool blanket thread is incredible! I’ve been meaning to pick a few more up but honestly never thought of adding them to the car kit. My wife has two milsurp ones already that she loves and I’m sure she wouldn’t mind adding a few more.

    Thank you all very much for telling me what you carry, I already feel like I have a good head start with what you all have suggested.
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  6. oil pan 4

    oil pan 4 Monkey+++

    I built a Reese caddy winch.
    It can go on the back of any of our vehicles because I equipped them all with a 1.5 inch hitch for the cars and 2 inch for the suburban.
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  7. the68

    the68 Semper Gumby

    I really, really like this idea. I'm planning to get a hitch attachment for our primary vehicle ('11 Subie Outback) would like to build a bull bar with hitch for the front end of the car eventually, and also have potential plans for a 1.5in lift kit in the future to get us some more ground clearance...but haven't been able to find anyone near where we've been stationed to have someone fabricate one for us. Something like this would be perfect for helping to get unstuck or assisting someone else. I saw someone stuck in the sand near me a couple of weeks ago and felt bad that I didn't have the gear to help them back up onto the road.
  8. oil pan 4

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    I made a post about it.
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  9. BTPost

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    If one is go OffRoad, then a winch is not only useful, but dang near manditory...
  10. arleigh

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    I carry heavy rope and winch and jack and spare parts for the vehicle .
    Many times I've used my gear to either get my self out or others along the way.
  11. wideym

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    I mainly use old GI waterproof bags (cheap and plentiful), but I pack everything inside in ziplock freezer bags along with spares. From personal experince, pack a complete change of clothes. Shirt, undershirt, socks, underwear, pants, thermal underoos, gloves, hat, and especially a broken in set of warm boots. Any unneeded clothing or items can be left behind with the vehicle.
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