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    A few years ago friend of mine moved back into the area and I offered my spare room. He moved in and we would take turns making lunch and coffee in the mornings before work. Well, I have a large cabinet with canned foods and such that is rather deep and I'm not the most organized person. So we ran out of mayonaise and he found a jar in the back of the cabinet and started using it for sandwiches. After two weeks of eating it I realized that it was over three years expired! Neither of us got sick so we laughed and used it up. It was kept in a cool dark place but still I figure if I eat a little and it does'nt affect me it should be alright.
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    Lucky! But most things are good well past their "use by dates"...Now Anything like mayo, I'd be very careful about! Here's a weord one for you...dill pickles seem to go bad rather quickly once their "use by dates" are over....I can't figure that one out....I mean,after all they are "pickled" in vinegar and the pickles not only get a lot less crunchy, ( mushy) they taste really funky!
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    I've noticed that too, home pickled cucks and beans get less crunchy and the flavor changes toward the funky, not horrible but not quite right after a few years. But then my pickled green beans rarely last a year, I can eat a quart in a sitting. Canned foods I would'nt have a problem with eating well after the experation date but the ones with dairy products in them scare me. After the mayonaise incedent I will just eat a small amount at a time to make sure.
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    Recently I had to check on a store of foods, only to find that many canned ones were bad, as in taste wise...I need to keep better tabs on that!
    But be that as it may be, the dogs love the chili even though I think it tastes terrible, now I have a LOT of dog food in reserves!
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    Yup my dog dog loves it when stuff gets freezer burnt, I cook it up and its fine dining for her. Course I can't complain because she earns it.
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    As long as the can hasn't bulged or the rim hasn't been dented it will probably be good. Of course the smell test is always a good test.

    Recently my wife and I open a can "beef with juices" that was dated 1999. It was comedies beef that my mother had given me. It passed the smell test, so we cooked with BBQ sauce and made Sloppy Joe's. They were great.

    I've only had 2 cans go bad on me. One was a can of pineapple slices. When I found it it was severely bulged at both ends. I felt like I needed a bomb suit carrying it to the burn barrel.

    The second was a can of peach's. It had actually ruptured the can.
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    I just had to throw out 3lbs. of wild hog meat that my wife unfroze and forgot about in the fridge. It really drives me nuts when I have to throw food out.Anyone else have a problem with their wives buying a month of perishable groceries putting them in the fridge and forgetting about them? I try to get her to buy a weeks worth at a time but to no avail."sigh"
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    I have had some "bulged" cans and tossed them ( knowingly I must add) into the "burn barrel" up north...! I left before the barrel was filled up and lit...I get a phone call: "What on earth did you put in the barrel"? "It blew the lid off"!
    ( snicker!) Ahhhh....I may have tossed in some cans of bad food? Gee, I never realized that they would EXPLODE! ( lied thru my teeth!) "Well don't do that, it scared me and the dogs half to death..."! Hmmmm almost....have to try HARDER I suppose, next time! ( Ok so I'm onery!) It's FUNNNNEEE!
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