We are as prepared to face zombies as we are an economic collapse.

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    Re-posted from my blog:

    I have read posts in multiple forums related to The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead where viewers have stated that "well, in The Walking Dead universe, people have never heard of zombies, and in real life we would be much more prepared if zombies somehow became a reality."

    The central conceit of The Walking Dead universe is that zombies are not a part of the culture. There was never a Night of the Living Dead or its sequels, the comic book version of the show -- none of it exists in the show's universe.

    I disagree with the notion that we would be more prepared in "real" life to face actual zombies, and I will use the economy as an example. We have a history of boom and bust economic cycles, and yet people are always shocked when they happen. The last crash in 2008 was in the making in at least 2006 due to the collapse of the subprime lending market, but most of the country only noticed it when the effects became severe in 2008.

    How many of your friends who are not preppers were aware of the next impending economic crash before the stock market imploded a couple of weeks ago? How many know the world is in the process of dumping the U.S. dollar as a reserve currency and the net effects that will have on or nation?

    The vast majority of people operate under the normality bias that our economy and our standard of living will always be high and that things will continue as they always have. Nothing could be further from the truth, and the true fragility of our world economic system is once again being highlighted.

    Zombies are fictional. Economic crises are factual. So how will you survive an economic collapse?
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    It's already here.
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    Oh my god....zoombies!:eek:
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    I'll be homeless, car-less, starving, and broke. [dunno] Ain't life grand? [sheep]

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    But that is okay @Tracy because you are a Survival Monkey so you know how to build a shelter, forage for food and survive.
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    God I hope I learn quick how to make a shelter. I'm still on the basics threads.

    In other words it will be a lot like Venezuela-poor in the streets incredibly high crime-1 person is killed there every half hour including my favorite actress Monica Spear with her husband in front of their five year old daughter-robbed and shot to death.
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    It ain't that hard to rig one up.

    Also, like the blog. Been thinking on doing a more general "What I learned/What I DIDN'T learn from Walking Dead", but I do like the episode by episode rundown.
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    There is only one way in my opinion to NOT be effected by any market crash. You dont have money in other peoples hands. Yes , you dont make any interest. No you dont lose money . You store it at face value or put into solid assets. I have zero savings , zero means there is 5.00 in my savings account. We closed out our 401 k and 403b plans and converted to silver bars and cash in the can. No one is going to take our money from us. We are stacked deep in ammo, food , fuel, seeds, and things like tools and trade items. I expect the barter system to flourish in any type of end game event. Government will rebound and resume control after the worst is over. I dont expect government to fully stop functioning either. I think it equals hard times ahead and you need to become more self reliant.
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    Not to mention she does some pretty spiffy Welcome graphics...:)
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    and the monkeys all say AMEN Bro Kingfish preach that word!!
    Sorry, Baptist PK roots came out there for a sec:eek:

    Couldn't agree with you more. We are doing the same things here. Cash is king. Most all of the work I take on now is either a barter or cash deal. Not only that, but any work we've had other folks do for us here, building materials is always paid for in cash except for one contractor and that was mainly because there was a state permit involved and records needed. Word gets out that you pay cash on the barrel head and as a result one often gets much better deals. No one watches yer six like you will, and no one will watch your money like you will.
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    Yes if the bank folded up tomorrow I wouldn't lose more then 5 bucks and whatever is in our checking account. Banks closing would mean no more house payment until it reopens. If the grid goes down we go to alternate power and start canning and cooking with wood and a ration of our small propane tanks. Bottom line is we keep moving forward with minimal losses. we eat and can the freezer contents and start harvesting . I would have my wife out on the lake with a fishing pole and a .22 rifle. Goose gets close we have goose for dinner. Other wise she is good at catching blue gills. I would start an aggressive breeding plan for the rabbits. Having a plan is the first step. once you know What to do you just execute. Everything depends on which disaster it is. economics is the easiest for me. Asteroid strike or solar flare/emp is another thing altogether. ww3 with nukes??????? Not much hope in an all out nuke war. without underground shelter for 10 years not much hope. I pray that one never happens.
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