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    will there be food shortages or price increases because of wet weather in Texas,Okla,and Louisiana? I haven't been able to have a garden this spring because of the weather,I'm beginning to get web feet it's so wet. What about the wheat in Okla? The timber haulers and people who work out side have to be hurting here in north central Louisiana.
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    Excellent topic @oldman11. A few years ago there was massive flooding along the Missouri. One thing that resulted is that the farming land was polluted and could not be farmed, which I am not sure if it was usable again or not. But it takes time to heal the soil-
    That year I don’t recall a huge increase of cost due to the flooding. Many of our products are shipped overseas which hurts our exports but I think it did impact the feeding of animals.

    With the drought in CA which is the salad bowl of the world and now flooding in so many other areas, it will be interesting to see the impact.
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    I suspect that between the various weather issues in that area, you will see livestock/ meat prices increase in the next couple of months at least. Time will tell what the impact will be.....
    The prices for agriculture products coming out of California have already started to climb and could get much worse due to the ongoing drought! Farmers have had to cut back on water usage tremendously and allow land to go fallow and not produce .... and CA is one of the largest producers of food in the nation...... :eek:
    California farm economy surprisingly resilient amid drought | The Sacramento Bee
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    Have you looked at the price of Eggs, recently... The Bird Flu Epidemic has caused States of Emergency to be declared in, I believe, 3-4 States already, and the States are REQUIRING that Infected, and Suspected, Chicken Populations, be destroyed. Many Millions of Birds, taken out of the Egg producing population......
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    So bread basket of America is the mid west. Most grain goes to feed. Kansas Missouri area. Most of the wheat for bread comes from the NW on the Idaho Washington boarder (as well as 95% of peas and lentils) .

    Most of the water is consumed by nut trees in California so nuts will get higher. Most of the timer from texas, Louisiana, georgia goes to Japan and China not the usa.

    Could they use thus as an excuse to increase prices yes but is it really necessary no.

    There is a bird epidemic about every 15 years. The big commercial guys are a bear about bio security. All vehicles drive thru bleach baths. All people put on protective gear and each house is isolated from the others. Even the people who work at egg processing facilities only work one house every two weeks and their homes are inspected. You can't own any type of bird and work at an egg facility.

    This is one of those cases where you need to know your history of commodities.
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    The wheat fields around me are thrashed. The wheat itself looks great and is ready to harvest but there's no way heavy equipment can go into those fields any time soon. They look like rice paddies and we're fresh out of water buffaloes and old school harvesting equipment. Meanwhile cotton should be going in now, and that ain't happening either. I believe June 1st is the last day to get it in and be able to put crop insurance on it in my region.

    My peppers are in raised beds which generally lean to the dry side... which is what hot peppers like. They're waterlogged, leaves falling off. We had two good days of sunshine but more rain coming in tonight. Going to cover them to deflect as much water as I can get. The rest of my plantings seem cool with their swamp beds, but rain brings bugs so am expecting a tsunami of pests this year.
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    @Ganado I thought the lumber comes from the ID, WA, OR area. They seem to grow lots of trees- i.e. Boise cascade.

    Egg prices seem to be holding in my area. And I have noticed that milk has gone down. Like I said, it will be interesting to see how this flooding will affect prices.
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    There is timber from that the NW area but the southern states produce more pine and it's shipped as logs. We don't mill for Asians as their cuts are different. We export the logs only. The NW does more pulp for paper but does export logs just not as much as southern states
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    All the mills around here are pulp,paper and finished lumber. I don't know of any that ship logs. Maybe the ones closer to the gulf or over in GA do.
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    North and South Dakota produce a lot of wheat, as well as peas, canola, lentil, flax and sunflower as well as feed corn. The farmer I leased my shop from has a "small farm" near the Canadian border only 3,000 acres. Up there, that is small.
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    Tully Mars you are right they produce a lot in both ND &SD. The Palouse area produces more per acre dry land farming than any other region. Apologies I should have been more specific. I love that area.
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    Eggs up 30% so far but got tomatoes plants and seeds in before Memorial day which is my bell weather for veggies with no shortage of water so the gardens are looking good.

    Laid in 100 pounds of flour from The North Dakota Mill.

    North Dakota Mill - Quality Millers Since 1922
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