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Discussion in 'Blogs' started by sweetshrub, Feb 11, 2011.

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    North Florida has been so cold this winter. I know - you are thinking "WHAT!!! Complaining of cold in Florida - with all the snow we have had in the rest of the country -you complain in Florida???" Well, it is a matter of what you are used to. Many homes in Florida are not properly insulated and only have "heat pump/shmeat pumps" for heating. I don't keep my emergency heat (read "regular heat") on all the time because of the cost involved. I am lucky to have a fireplace but that is not cost- effective either. So we are just colder than ever down here in the sunny South.

    I have been trying to sort out all this 2012 End of the World stuff in my mind. I have been reading everything I can about what other people think about it and I can't really come to any solid conclusion so I am not going to dwell on it any longer. The Bible tells us we will not know the date and time of the end of time. I am continuing on with my survival and food storage plan because it has been a help to several unemployed friends this year. I know supplies will only get more expensive and my storage plan gives me peace of mind. I try to encourage others to store food without elaborating on my own plans.
    I have been adding to my storage more steadily the past two months and I probably have enough of some things to last a year. I have enough solid food to survive for at least three months without power and longer with power.
    This month, I made a wonderful first aid kit for my car out of an large,old insulated lunch bag. It has first aid stuff plus lots more small emergency things. It is amazing how much better I feel when I move forward on my emergency projects.

    I am starting my seeds in pots for my garden. This year I want to max out my garden space and see how much I can grow. I will be using my containers as well as my raised beds. Potatoes and green peas will go in over the next few days. I put a few paper matches under each piece of potato instead of buying sulphur. Potatoes like that. It changes the soil Ph. I am letting my peas ramble over some crepe myrtle branches I cut from my trees instead of going up a trellis with them. As long as they are not on the ground, they will produce just fine. I have a lot of work to do before March and that's only a few weeks away.
    Til next time.
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    I'm jealous you can plant in March. We can't start planting until the end of May and lately the weather's been so cold we haven't been able to plant until June.
    If you've got a digital camera.... I'd love to see photos of your set up. I'm totally into getting ideas from other folk that I can maybe use myself. I like the idea of letting the peas ramble over shrubs.
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    It sounds like you are doing wonderful, I sure hope you can come up with an alternate way of heating your place sometime.
    We also can't plant until late May to middle of June, but we are planning already :).
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