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    Aka: a "war zone"!
    Sounds a tad bit radical huh?
    It's Not!
    For the second night in a row here, we were awakened to gunfire in the immediate area.
    Last night ( 3 am) we had 14 rounds fired in a slow and deliberate manner.....
    This morning, at 1:30 am, we had 6 rounds fired, and in close proximity to us!
    My roommate actually beat me to the door, I had to put on shoes!
    He went barefoot, and armed, I followed and went the opposite direction, armed.....1 north, 1 south.
    The park manager? He was under his bed!
    It's getting worse here, as the drugs and gangs have left the confines of downtown, and have moved 17 miles to the north now, where we are!
    The police will NOT respond to calls of "shots fired" until they have a "body". Then, they take their time.....
    The persons/dispatchers answering the calls for the Phoenix Police ALWAYS ask, "did you see the muzzle flash"? Guess they think it's always fireworks!???
    Once I responded "no,.... no muzzle flash, but I do have one of the 12 rounds in my hand"...I was asked how could that be possible...I had to explain to that MORON it had come thru our freakin' roof!
    Cops still didn't want to come out and told me to throw it in the trash, if no one was injured......!!!
    Once I told the dispatcher I did not see the muzzle flash from the 3 rounds that were fired from a 9mm Beretta, but I can show them the 3 bullet holes in the car! That driver was hit twice in his legs! A local ( across the street) drug deal that went bad....
    I was only 20 feet away when it all happened!
    They NEVER responded, the dispatcher HUNG UP on me!
    ( Could be they were UPSET when I asked if they'd like the freakn' serial number too!???)
    The guy that was wounded, left and drove himself about 6 blocks to the nearest hospital!
    There are so many calls anymore, that there are not enough people/police to cover any more than maybe 1/10 of the "shots fired" calls they get today!
    The whole place is a pressure cooker and lots of people are loking for answers....some are moving, but some can't! It won't be long before the lid blows off this mess, and of course it's going to be the damned old white guy's faults! I can see it already!
    When push comes to shove, some people are going to strike back, and it ain't going to be a cake walk from there on...
    It more than likely not, will get really UGLY.
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    That is the reason that my wife and I after living in the valley for over 10 years moved up here in the white mountains. It was getting bad down there, and starting to hear more and more gunshots all the time. After finding a couple of bodies just a couple of blocks from our house, we decided it was time to get out of there. So, we moved up here in a very remote location on some land, which we bought and then began to improve. Long slow process, but haven't heard any gunshots other then a neighbor about 1/2 mile away who target shoots about once a week. By the way that was about 15 years ago now. Love it and wouldn't go back for anything.
  3. Hispeedal2

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    Nothing like that down here..... luckily.
  4. dragonfly

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    The reason I bought land way up north myself!
    But then there are idiots everywhere today!
    There ought to be a law!
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