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    MY BLOG ~ Part 2

    Then there was going through/surviving a catastrophic event (<--a major HURRICANE which came with mass destruction). Now that was such an EYE-OPENER for me personally. I've always been one for being PREPARED,having lots of extra supplies, food, water & so on.... Now when this happened, I saw something I never saw before (and many others haven't either) that PEOPLE ALL AROUND YOU WHO SEEM NICE, FRIENDLY/NEIGHBORLY & SMILE/WAVE AT YOU BEFORE DISASTEROUS EVENTS... Will COMPLETELY CHANGE once they realize that THINGS HAVE CHANGED... that there is NO ELECTRICITY, that people can't just PICK-UP THE PHONE & CALL THE POLICE FOR HELP & so on.... Yep, their PREDATORY OPPORTUNISTIC NATURE comes out and these SO-CALLED-NORMAL-PEOPLE will completely LOSE IT, and PREY UPON OTHERS, break into buildings, STEAL, LOOT & even KILL if they feel the need! The most shocking for me were the images of looking out the window and seeing little 10 & 12 year old kiddoes with guns stealing/shooting! Yep, I've never been "one to trust" and that taught me much! I also learned how populated areas s*ck when T.S.H.T.F. situations arise, and that is why I went back to my roots and live in a very remote backwoods location with my current family. This is such a rewarding life, a great environment for children to grow up in, a natural setting to learn wilderness survival skills, how to use what's around you to survive in case that you may NEVER be able to go shopping @ a store again. Well that one is AWESOME for me personally, as I avoid shopping as much as possible/absolutely HATE it and don't have a lot of those type of "girl-like qualities!!!' LOL [dunno] [LMAO] Actually, you don't have to wait to use these skills, and anyone can very easily USE THEM NOW, to benefit their current life & save lots of money by cutting back on spending. Now that is a HUGE PLUS in itself!!!

    Here in the backwoods, we live with the wildlife, mountain lions, and so on... I much prefer being a "partner to my husband", working hard, getting excercise, and mastering our skills so that when T.S.H.T.F. our skills will already be in action, learned in advance, and not an issue when & if it all happens. I think a lot of folk are gonna be in trouble 'cause you can't "all of a sudden out of the blue" in a disaster situation, be able to effectively come up with skills you've never done. There will be many folk in some serious trouble, that's for sure... I wish them all luck!

    On that note it's time for me to get going...
    Here's one of my favorite comments below.

    "Life is a short & precious journey... make wise informed decisions, keep HAPPY, HEALTHY, SAFE & enjoy every second of it while you can!" [rockon] b::

    May everyone be where they wanna be in life (or get there in the not-too-distant-future), and have a most BEAUTIFUL & enjoyable day!!!!

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