Well, in for a penny......

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    I just hope I don't get POUNDED!
    I just purchased via phone calls and agreement, to buy the land I formerly and "incorrectly" occupied for 14 months!
    That'll teach them!
    Mess with the wildwilly!
    ( or is that Wiley E. Coyote?)
    I made a deal on the lots for $3,500.00 each.
    They list for $4,614.00.
    So I'll have the ORIGINAL land I wanted and was shown.
    I am buying the first on the 4th of September, afer a trip up there to pay the down and closing costs.
    The guy ( seller) was quite ameniable to selling me the land, since I had cut down 45 of the trees on it, and put in 3 roads....
    Better that than an ugly lawsuit!
    He wanted to sell, I wanted to buy, and we did a smoking deal!
    The land was just re-surveyed 2 weeks ago also!
    That gives me the flat land of 4.43 acres, with a water table/aquifer at 30-50 feet maximum depth.
    I already had a scale model/board made of how I was going to lay out the whole 4 acres, now it won't be time and money wasted!
    Still fighting over the land I was sold...
    Stewart title does NOT want to give me back the over $6,000 I have already paid for it.
    "IF" for whatever reason, I have to keep that 4 acres, it's at an elevation some 400+ ft higher than the land I just bought, and it has a 270 degree view of the area. A good LP/OP position and it's not easy to get up to!
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    lol this is the neverending story part 3. :)

    I love hearing your reports. I can't make this stuff up if I tried!
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    Congrats dragonfly!
  5. dragonfly

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    "James Wesley Rawles", eat yer heart out!
    Look at the bright side, I may not be right, but it's sure a lot of fun being wrong!
    (getting expensive too!)
    Chapter 99..."What now"? or...."NOW WHAT"?
    Good news, my trailer ( mobile home) is still there, unscathed thus far!
    Must be the way it looks? (haunted)
  6. bnmb

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    Hehehe...now, go get some concrete canvas... ;)
  7. dragonfly

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    Nah...I have 600 sandbags! (and a LOT of rocks!)
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    That could work too... :D
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  10. dragonfly

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    All said and done,the land was paid off in March, and I am waiting for the final paperwork....They're a few weeks behind....Seems a LOT of land has been sold/purchased recently, and the county has only 1 person to do all that paperwork....that could either be good or bad! Not looking forward to any more neighbors, not like the ones up there already!


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