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    Interesting SC... I've thought about heat signature readers before.

    Product Description:
    Somewhere out in the forest; your enemy is hidden, his exact position is unknown and he is motivated by only one thought...to elude you and your team. In the past, the only way to find him was by reconnaissance with your troops or special forces. Many times, because of the forest environment, your operations were unsuccessful, or worse, resulted in casualties due to unexpected aggression.

    Throughout the world, everyday, this is a real life scenario. In all armed actions there are risks. The LF-5 Thermal detection Device can help your forces maintain the upper hand in dense jungle, forested regions, and in fact any condition in which you need to deploy personell.

    During similar operations of the Vietnam conflict, this same technology would have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars per unit, required extensive personnel training and would have required a small military transport to carry all of the equipment. Due to developments over the last twenty years, this technology has been reduced to a hand held device that is simple to use, extremely rugged, reliable, and operates in the most punishing conditions imaginable.

    The LF-5 is an extremely accurate and sophisticated piece of equipment. It detects even the slightest changes in thermal signatures. By using this small hand held device in sweeping motion. The LF-5 has detected humans and other types of heat sources at ranges of over 1000 meters in open areas and through 100 meters of dense forest, day or night. What does this mean to you? You can detect your opponent's position and take necessary actions before he even knows you're there.

    The LF-5 also offers a motion detection mode. When set in this state, The LF-5 powerfully detects any motion that comes into its field of view.
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    Just located a possum in my back yard with mine
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    Ok I need one of those. Group buy?
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    I paid just under $400.00 for mine including shipping. Wouldn't mind buying another if we can get a better group price.
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    Sweet. :D
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    I'll try to contact them and see what a bulk price # would be...
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    Hello all. Melbo asked me to look into this ... and indeed, this is a cool product, Seacowboys.

    I tracked down the distributor and found that I can offer up a group buy for these units at $315 each, shipping included. I'm also offering this buy-price at another board.

    I expect buyers to have their units in hand by the end of February.
    NOTE: The distributor requires your phone number because UPS and Fed-ex require the number, he says. (He'll dropship the units direct to the buyers for us.)

    To take part in this buy ...

    1. Email (jcrefuge@safecastle.net) or PM me with notice that you are in and for how many units.

    2. For orders outside the continental U.S. contact me for additional shipping charges.

    For orders shipped within the continental US:

    Price for each of the LIFE FINDERS (with carrying case) $315 each, shipping included.

    Payment must be received within 10-14 days.

    a. Total price due per kit, payable by cashiers check or money order: $315 Make the check/MO out to "Safecastle LLC."

    Mail to:
    Safecastle LLC
    PO Box 623
    Prior Lake, MN 55372

    b. To pay by Paypal, add $7 to the total per kit. Send $322, using my email address for the Paypal payment: jcrefuge@safecastle.net

    3. Please be sure to provide your mailing address and phone number. It is helpful, though not necessary, if you could be sure to provide your SM user name with your order for communication purposes. Otherwise, your email address will suffice.
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    Very Cool. That was fast JC!

    I'll take one at that price. Looks like you may have 4 sold here already...

    (I going to keep this GB here for now)
  10. JC Refuge

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