West Virginia Chemical Spill

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  1. Silversnake

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    Thought we may as well have a thread for this one.

    Chemical spill into W.Va. river spurs closures, run on bottled water - The Washington Post

    A chemical plant has contaminated municipal water supplies for 9 counties affecting 100,000 to 300,000 people with 4-methylcyclohexane. They have been told not to even bathe with the faucet water, let alone drink it. Shelves are empty. All the typical stuff a monkey would expect.
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  2. Yard Dart

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    And they do not know how long it will take till the water will be safe again.... They did declare it a federal disaster, so at least FEMA can start trucking in water..... we will see how well that goes. The sheep are in a panic for water.... guess a few people may come out of this with a lesson or two learned in being prepared....maybe. [sheep]
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  3. oldawg

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    These are the types of stories that should make you feel good about prepping. Not because you have 6 months of water stored because most of us don't. But we have already thought through the problem and formed a plan and backup after backup to that plan. Most of the people affected by this would be lucky to have one gallon of water and 2 soft drinks on hand and no clue except to bleat for the gov to do something. Some days you can smile knowing you would be able to take care of you and yours.
  4. VisuTrac

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    Now I am thankful I passed on that piece of property along the elk river near Elkview a few years back
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  6. VHestin

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    When I told my mother about this, she decided water filters are on the shopping list for next month. I also think I can talk her into a couple water storage containers too. We're using old distilled water gallon jugs right now, but most of them aren't any good anymore, they got worn out. And they have the BPA free ones. I would be willing to forgo getting some entertainment goodies from Amazon next month in order to have some safe water stored up.

    Note: I thought I posted this 2 days ago but apparently not. Oh well. At least it saved it so I didn't have to retype it.
  7. EtDub

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    Will a filter pull that type of chemical from water?

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  8. VHestin

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    The only thing we have to worry about in our water here is chlorine. We're not big on drinking pool water. Without giving away too much, it is very unlikely we would have to worry about situations like West Virginia, our water source is not 'open to the public' so to speak.
  9. VHestin

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    But even the best water filters need to be replaced every now and then.
  10. Yard Dart

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    Probably depends on the filter you are using, but not sure about this specific chem. My instinct would be to use my fresh water supplies in lieu of chancing something getting thru the filter that is toxic or poisonous. Another good reason for having a solid water plan, fresh water stored, water catchment system and depending on where you live... other available sources such as a well or spring fed pond.
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  11. kellory

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    Destill it. Best chance I know of to get pure water.
  12. BTPost

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    No, not filterable, but can be mitigated by activate Charcoal in sufficient quantities.....
    Distilling without a very special Fraction Distilling Column will not do the job, either. The temperature must be very carefully controlled if you are to have ANY chance of success. It is not for those who are not ROCKET SCIENTISTS..... ....
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  13. EtDub

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    Let the water flushing begin.

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  14. Alpha Dog

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    I’m about a 100 miles from where that happen thank God it didn't come our way but I did see where they are starting to find trace amounts across the state line in Ohio. I was reading this morning the company is already in the works to file bankruptcy which we are use to it here big companies come in rape the land and poison resorces and walk away.
  15. VHestin

    VHestin Farm Chick

    Not only that AD, but think of the workers who will get laid off, having that many unemployed(and probably sick from exposure) in the area will not be fun.
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