What about your BOV?

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by gillman7, Dec 17, 2006.

  1. gillman7

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    OK, this may have already been covered, but I am curious. What is your daily driver? Is is your BOV? Is this a consideration or are most people already at their retreat or are you buggin in?

    I am looking for land for my retreat, but for now, realistically I have to prepare to be buggin in. I am however leaving me the option if it really gets bad to leave in a hurry. I have 4 drivers in my house, and 3 BOV's that I am preparing. All of them have BOB's in them, and I am finishing up the mechanical issues with the final one. I know that we always need more preps, but this is one that has impact now for everyday use as well.

    Here are mine:
    94 Jeep Cherokee - Not EMP resistant, but compact light and will wheel where other 4WD's will not because of it's weight and size. My daughter is very comfortable in it and would drive it.
    80 Bronco - Replace 90% of electronic parts, all that is vulnerable is 1 brain box an distributor, and I have spares sealed away for it. 6" lift 35" tires, lots of storage in back. I drive it.
    77 Bronco - I am about 1/3 of the way through a frame off restoration on this. Everything is new from the ground up. My wife wanted a new car and we have always loved the old Broncos, so when we looked at a new car vs. restoring this, it was cheaper and we would have a better car when we were through. I am about a year away from this one, and my wife will be driving this one.

    The other part of this is if you think you might have to BO in one, how often do you go 4 wheelin or drive your routes. I need to plan better on my routes, and find more ways to my destination. If you do not have one, buy a Gazeteer for your area. They will have every county road listed, even if it is a dirt or gravel road.
  2. ghrit

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    My BOV is a daily driver, 4wd Ranger pickup. I drive the most likely routes infrequently, but I regularly get off road to make sure the front end is in decent shape and ready to run. Meaning engage the hubs and go a ways to flip things over and stir the lube.[touchdown]
  3. RightHand

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    I also vary my route but for a different reason - I try to live a life without patterns. Its a safety thing for me.

    Its okay if you all want to chant together "Paranoid, Paranoid" - I answer to that name too
  4. Blackjack

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    I don't think it's paranoid, I actually think it's quite reasonable. I take a few steps that direction myself ;)
  5. Seacowboys

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    My BOV is 205' x 54' and berths 36 comfortably. She has provisions for four months with full compliment and is fully equipted for marine salvage operations. She carries 180,000 gallons fuel @ 70 gph she will make 12 kts and is ice-class. She has 90 tons bollard pull, towing winches, three deck cranes and four-point anchors. Her cargo deck is 54' x 150'.
  6. monkeyman

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    All of our vehicles would be able to be a BOV if nessicary since each has a BOB kept in it, our main plan is to just get home to the 13 acre farm and hunker down and if we HAD to BO localy we have a couple places within 10 miles or so then a couple more about 100 miles away. Preferably we would be able to take all of them but if it was just one hopefuly it would be the truck I drive most of the time, an 85 Chevy 1/2 ton RWD that has a camper shell on it and in addition to the reagular BOB it has a couple foot lockers of extra food and other supplies, a tent, a bunch of tools and at least the single shot 20 guage behind the seat along with 100 rounds for it and a hundred or so for my every day carry gun, come along, arborist ropes rated around 15k lbs or so and a bunch of other stuff.

    If all else failed I suppose it would be bycicles and load some gear on the donkeys back and head out, but like I say the PLAN is to just stay put.
  7. Seawolf1090

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    2005 Kawasaki KLR650 dual sport bike. Six gallon tank gives me 230 mile range, and I have it fitted with larger cargo rack, and both soft and hard side cases (can be used together). I can and have carried 80+ pounds of gear and ridden two multi-state trips, in addition to full off-road capability.
    If TSHTF in a big way, and bugging in becomes non-viable, it'll get me into the boonies where a 4X4 truck can't go. I can carry enough supplies to get me by for a few weeks (water not included!), and I'll soon be caching more in certain locations.

    Once I get her paid off, then I'll be looking for a good 4X4.
  8. TailorMadeHell

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    I have 'Moe and Joe' or 'Pat and Bend'. That's my mode. I will make better and more efficient changes ASAP. Until then it's 'Feets don't fail me now'. Haha.
  9. fuzzy

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    daily driver a 94 ford ranger. not planning to BO more concrened about getting home from work about 18 to 20 miles.but if i have to i'll head to my sis's in the next county.
  10. E.L.

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    Two 4x4 full size pickups
    two 4x4 four wheelers
    two dirt bikes

    I am looking at adding extra fuel tanks that mount under and behind the tool box that add an extra 75 gallons. That would give me 109 gallons plus the five gallon jugs I carry also. Even pulling a trailer with gear and passengers it enables me to cover 1,000+ miles.
  11. phishi

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    Might get you to melbo's..........Does he know you're coming?

  12. E.L.

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    It would get me there, with a lot of room to spare. I would send him a message via carrier pigeon beforehand. [LMAO]

    Actually I have 10K acres + of family ranches in SWTX about four hundred and fifty miles away. With Mr. Murphy always onboard I bet the trip would be closer to double that with potential problems.
  13. Minuteman

    Minuteman Chaplain Moderator Founding Member

    2500 Dodge Ram 4x4 P/U with Cummins Diesel engine
    am adding combo tool box/auxillary 90 gallon fuel tank.

    Also depending on circumstances and available drivers,
    Toyota 4x4 P/U
    Suzuki 4x4 Sidekick (Great turning radius and narrow profile,excellent scout car)

    And the newest edition to the line up, my wifes brand new H3 Hummer.
    But don't tell her it's a BOV!!Shhhhhhhh[winkthumb]
  14. E.L.

    E.L. Moderator of Lead Moderator Emeritus Founding Member

    Have you found a good deal on one?
  15. Minuteman

    Minuteman Chaplain Moderator Founding Member

    My local truck pimpin place quoted me $750 for a 50 gallon and $950 for the 90 gallon, installed with gravity feed. The electric transfer pump kit adds another $150. Tank on bottom and tool box on top. In the bed style.(no hangover)
  16. E.L.

    E.L. Moderator of Lead Moderator Emeritus Founding Member

    I saw a 75 gallon at Lowe's for $350, but it was the typical behind the toolbox style.
  17. ColtCarbine

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  18. ColtCarbine

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    Yes but do you get it dirty [troll] [peep]

    Just messing with ya, they are a beotch to clean afterwards. [booze]
  19. ghrit

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    Clean? Why bother, just gonna do it again in a couple days. All I'm doing is helping Momma Nature move her stuff from one place to another. She'll wash it off when I get where she wants it. [boozingbuddies]

    Edit to add: Must be where she wants some of it, rained overnight. No point to a pic this morning. As a substitute, here's a shot of my site pickup, not the daily driver. I ain' no stranger to mud. This is all low speed, one day's worth --

    My muddy site pickup for sending.
  20. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    Momma didn't do as good a job last night as I thought she did. Here ya go --
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