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Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by KAS, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. KAS

    KAS Monkey+++

    Okay this is what I would like to see!!!
    There is the "So what did you put away this week thread", that I think is great!
    I want to start a thread on what are you doing to your land property whatever it maybe ...
    Things you are building or installing?
    Shelters, outdoor kitchen , metal/wood shop ... anything.
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  2. BTPost

    BTPost Stumpy Old Fart,Deadman Walking, Snow Monkey Moderator

    I like the idea.... I am working on staying WARM.... Keeping the Wood Burner stoked with wood..... 8F this morning....
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  3. KAS

    KAS Monkey+++

    8 f puke its in the 40s here today and i was debating on quitting my job !!!
  4. William Antrum

    William Antrum GunMetal Monkey

    work no time for side projects one good thing about work making money...... and the ability to save for side projects and equipment ..... sand blasting pod and new compressor yeah now gotta find time to use them... how bout you KAS?
  5. Cruisin Sloth

    Cruisin Sloth Special & Slow

    Well Mr Monkey Kev !! I'm feeling my age , or I'm way out of shape. Building a duck house with an aviary attached (mean eagles & hawks ) then on to the new barn. Started last year dropping trees , cleaning the area , chipping , milling the wood (mizer) & now building when it's not frozen.. Chainsaw/excavator /Vermeer chipper /woodmizer / table saw,planner, compressor /nail guns & still have ten digits..

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  6. KAS

    KAS Monkey+++

    thanks guys just what i was hoping for !!!!!!
    Me im working on and it seemd like forever {cause i start projects and then run out of materials or funds or time do to work}but here is what i have started ...
    a log splitter {have almost all parts just finishing up some last minute welding }
    a forge{again have all parts just finishing up some welding } and i need a hair dryer and coal...
    i have built a compost bin and a tubler but still trying to figure out which stand i want to use for the tumbler
    i have all the ground work layed out for my garden now just need to till it and put up a fence to keep the animals and children on 4 wheelers out of it !!!!
    i have a bunch of fruit trees started in potts now just have to plant them
    finaly got a house with a shop now need to get a good power supply to it ..{this is high on the list now that i have a welding machine }
    also a rain catchment system for the shop to help feed the garden ...
    And i am currently having a bunch of vinyle work done to the house to make it look nicer but also preserve the wood and what not ....
    This is just a small part of whats going on Me and the Wife have differnt ideas on whats important !!!!
    Thanks again and keep posting!!give me some more ideas on things to start !!!
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  7. KAS

    KAS Monkey+++

    o yea i got a dielsel 96 f350 flat bed with a goose neck that im working on ... hopefully up and running 100% soon ...
    and it is in texas were 75 percent of my projects are cause thats were i have access to a welding machine till i get power to my shop ...
    so now i just have to get it all home !!!!!
  8. Yard Dart

    Yard Dart Vigilant Monkey Moderator

    This week I am laying our new kitchen and bathroom flooring. Once that is complete I will have finished the entire downstairs floor lay which has been dragging on for a bit. Next week will be installing all the trim/molding and putting all the new fixtures into the bathroom. I need to get this done to move on to "my" other projects that have been put on hold, for this large honey-do.
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  9. tacmotusn

    tacmotusn RIP 1/13/21

    Well like the procrastinator I am I never laid in firewood for this winter. I had my log splitter loaned out and hadn't got around to retrieving it. I went to retrieve it and the wheel bearing was shot on one side. I got that fixed and had my mechanic look it over for any other problems. It now works just fine and has been getting a lot of use. (yes I know most of the wood will not be seasoned and dry enough to be decent firewood until next year. I had purchased 2 chainsaws and had not used either until I started clearing trees to bring a large RV back here in the woods where I am at. I am now clearing trees to create a semi permanent location for the 38 foot RV with 3 slide outs where I won't have to move it until I am in the new house and ready to sell it. It will be hooked up to house water, electric, and septic system. I have a few more trees to drop and trim and cut up for firewood before I move it to that location. It is in a temp location now, leveled and jacked, hooked to water and electric, ..... but alas no septic hookup where it now sits. I would like to continue and chop down enough trees to give me a decent area near the house for a garden. That however is on backburner until I have the RV relocated and fully operational. I have new renters in my old doublewide. It has a working fireplace and the renter and I worked a deal for him to get firewood for now and next year. He splits all I cut down and section up, and 1/2 is mine for next year, plus I have some much better prepared tribe members who have allowed me to swap even, seasoned for green because they have much more than they need for this winter, and well it's a friend thing. I will owe them, but that's okay. Tomorrow due to the cool rainy weather I will work on the new water hookup and electric hookup for the new RV location. My self produced project list is so long some of the things will never be done, and are mere pipe dreams. Others are moved to the top of the list as conditions dictate. One of these days, I will take a day off and go fishing. ....... I hope.
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  10. KAS

    KAS Monkey+++

    Thanks guys keep them coming !!
    Also i forgot i had a nice 50 X 25 ft pond dug in my front yard and am in the process of getting it stocked and putting some type of aeriator system in it as soon as i can gather some pieces !!!!
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  11. VHestin

    VHestin Farm Chick

    I will be trying to avoid being victim of hormonal issues by making a batch of chocolate chip brownies tomorrow. And as it's supposed to be crap weather through at least Sunday, I will probably be reading alot from my homesteading library. And trying to remember that the drought issues here mean we need this rain.
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  12. swampbilly

    swampbilly Gone Galt

    home made spot welder, from recycled microwave parts.....

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  13. Motomom34

    Motomom34 Monkey+++

    I love this thread!

    I need to continue my organization. The more I prep the more space I need. It is never ending! I had new shelving put in but it was for what I needed at the time. Now I need more. I need to think future space. We just took apart our old TV, there was lots of salvage. Lens, mirror, plastic, speakers and metal for $$$.
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  14. Dont

    Dont Just another old gray Jarhead Monkey

    Working on getting commitments for help for building projects for the summer and have the use of a backhoe for the summer.. Work shop on the way!!!
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  15. KAS

    KAS Monkey+++

    the use of a back how ....
    Dig a pong dig a few of them ....make a motor croos track ... dig a hole and have a hole .. but dont let that back hoe sit there ...
    Were u at ill come dig the hole for u !!!
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  16. KAS

    KAS Monkey+++

    what do you use this for i have been in tons of welding and fab shops and have never seen one nor do i know anyone who has one or used one >>>>
    what application are they mostly found in ???
  17. William Antrum

    William Antrum GunMetal Monkey

    All of metal working projects are put off until blaster /compressor combo git bought this weekend ,gonna start by glass beading my old heavy duty craftsman 3 tier tool box it is almost 7' and is 3' at its widest point and has lots of drawers..... fun times await
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  18. KAS

    KAS Monkey+++

    what kind of compressor you got ...
    I have an old 325 quincey i got out of an old tug boat but of course its one of my projects to convert its power source !!!
    Is glass better than crushed walnuts??
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  19. BTPost

    BTPost Stumpy Old Fart,Deadman Walking, Snow Monkey Moderator

    Today I serviced the Grader, and Backhoe.... Getting ready for tomorrow, in case I need to plow the "Road airplanes land on".... So my Brother "The Engineer" can fly in on his annual visit.... The Crab Fleet is fishing right out front, today... Yum, King Crab due any minute.....
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  20. KAS

    KAS Monkey+++

    nice u need to be getting ur boiling pot ready ... or cook them in the dish washer ...
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