What area(s) do most preppers lack in?

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by breakingcontact, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. It seems to me that most preppers,survival types (whatever name)...are armed to the teeth, often have huge stocks of food but that's often about it.

    From your experience what are the most largely neglected areas where people are not prepared?

    The one that freaks me out is the risk for a serious dental problem or other infection. How do you mitigate against that?
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  2. DMGoddess

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    Study herbs, like I have. Along with my other preps, I have dried herbs, tinctures, salves, and powders. Not hard to do. I also have a HUGE bottle of clove oil. Just don't use it straight.
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  3. BTPost

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    Learn Bush Dentistry.... How to pull a tooth.... and keep your Mouth as clean as possible.....
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  4. DMGoddess

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    So, is that why guys in the outdoors drink a lot? :p
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  5. KAS

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    from what i see Knowledge and know how is what is lacked the most...

    Atleast in my case ...
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  6. Silversnake

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    I'd say networking with local like-minded types and comms. Water perhaps, also.
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  7. Witch Doctor 01

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  8. Rabid

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    Lets see, alcohol kills germs, I don't want to get infections or get sick so drink lost of alcohol to prevent this. It seems to make sense, its worth a try.foosed
  9. Rabid

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    I think most will need a wider knowledge and skill base in order to survive. Gardening construction, soap & candle making, foraging wild plants and canning are just a few examples. I'm lucky my life has given me much training and a natural hunger for knowledge.
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  10. kellory

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    A farm tractor with a PTO, would make a big difference. A lot of what I need to do , is grunt labor. I can think of at least a dozen projects that would be easier, and much faster, with that one tool. I also know it is out off my reach, so I will find another way.
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  11. What kind of alcohol would be good to keep around?

    Glad you all get what I'm saying. People think they've got guns so they are good to go and some just want more and more guns. Good to diversify in goods and skills.
  12. Silversnake

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  13. KAS

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  14. Beano

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    I'm lacking quite a bit right now, but slowly getting sorted out. Unfortunately, some of it is REALLY important. Water purifier, more ammo (I actually don't have a lot, just UBL plus change), a couple acres, a small cabin, more candles, more meds (especially the dental thing...freaks me out), more silver, some gold, cash, a generator, gasoline, ad infidium......this is all due to limited financial resources as well as the fact that I live in an apartment.

    As far as water goes, I think I'm just going to have to put bottled stuff away for now in absence of the Berkey that I want.

    Oh, another useful thing would be if the missus would help out a little lol.....she has tons of disposable income!
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  15. STANGF150

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    i think most Preppers lack Allies. Cuz no one person can know EVERY dang thing. Sure every prepper has Guns, Shooting is a General Skill. While you can specialize in certain types of shooting, yer still just shooting. Every Prepper has a decent amount of food stored but not all can produce food aka: grow, raise, or hunt it. After all if a guy busy all the time trying to grow food how is he going to have time to learn more than basic medicine or more than basic mechanical repairs. You can't know everything. So I'd have to say Allies. Then each can know a different area/skill set to help the group.
  16. Rabid

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    I would say that you should have something to distill your water so.......................
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  17. DMGoddess

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    I tend to keep vodka and tequila around. Neither has any flavor to speak of, have multiple uses, and are usable for disinfecting.
  18. Silversnake

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    I prefer Everclear because it is so concentrated it takes up less space. Can be diluted for drinking if needed. Can disinfect with it or burn it for fuel. Make a tincture if your're into that. Multipurpose.
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  19. DMGoddess

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    I'll look into it.
  20. fmhuff

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    IMHO most preppers lack in is realistic scenarios of the danger. Look around the nation and the world and you can see what might happen. Disease, earthquake, tsunami, flood, hurricanes, tornados, wildfire, volcanos, loss of job, economic collapse, civil unrest, manmade hazzards, criminal activity, drought and brigandry are all possible. But you definitely need to prioritize realistically for you AO and plan accordingly.
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