What area(s) do most preppers lack in?

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by breakingcontact, Apr 4, 2013.

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    Maybe at Taco Bell in Megacity 1.....in China.
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    What do you mean, no internet?!? You mean ... we might have to ... READ? :rolleyes:
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    Thats why you print out the info you find and put it in binders
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    OR, you just archive everything on giant Hard Drives, that live in EMP Proof Storage, along with a old backup laptop computer........
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    Don't worry, Al Gore will bring it back, RIGHT!!!
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  7. wastelander

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    Around here (Northern Europe) and from what I see online it is water.
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  10. wastelander

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    I have some carbon-filter pump, a Swedish military surplus-item from the cold war era when we lived in some belief that Soviet and you guys would shoot nuclear rockets at eachother and that those would collide over us (yes, we actually learned that in school, from real teachers). Say what you will about the geography-knowledge, but there was alot of cool stuff produced and it is dirt cheap on the surplus market.
    The filters are good because you can break them down and fill them with carbon from your local fishtank-suplier.

    Looks like this but mine is an older model, got it for an equvalent of about $5

    I also keep a couple of those emergency straws in my backpack, these exact ones: Water Filter Straw, Frontier Emergency Water Filter System for Emergency Disaster Preparedness, Survival Kits, Survival Packs, Survival Gear, Camping, : Amazon.com: Industrial & Scientific but I've never tried them out, guess I should at some point but they are a bit pricey.

    But about the lack on water-prep, I was mostly thinking about the families in my area. We live on a pretty remote island in the middle of the baltic. We get a couple of days without power in a row quite often, so most people have a few days of canned sardines and pasta and plenty of firewood for the stow at home but noone cares to fill up a couple of jugs of water. Strange, I mean, we can go on for days without food, weeks even while without fresh water you are pretty screwed pretty fast.
    I always keep 20 liters (something like.. 5 gallons? Sorry, bad at this) in the fridge because water at my place is lukewarm from the tap this time a year and ofcourse, it's a good prep.

    Online and on TV when there's prepper-shows I also see this obsession with food and lack of water? Or maybe they just don't mention it because it is natural to them, hope so for their sake. I mean, food, yeah, you gotta eat, but in the end it's just a matter of how hungry you are what you will eat. Nature has plenty of food, depending on where you live, like I've mentioned before on this forum, don't know nothing about deserts but I'm willing to learn. But here in the woodlands with plenty of fish and small game and wild fruits and berries and nuts and, yeah, you know, you'll be alright without MRE's for sure.

    And to play it safe I only drink beer in case of an emergency.
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    LOL!! and all those people that have gotten rid of their books and gone digital when their e-reader has no juice, I have books for sale but they are going to be for a premium price.
  12. Witch Doctor 01

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    Unless the have like me a solar powered recharger for cellphones and any USB device....:D

    and several 64 gig chips properly stored...
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  13. BTPost

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    it is ALWAYS about the Water, unless you live in a Rain Forest..... Then it is about the Quality of the Water........ ......
  14. John Jacobson

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    That is easy. Knowledge. Not meant as an insult either, just a lack of forethought. I remember reading a post on this awhile back at a different forum. Wilderness survival type guy laid it out for me, and it made real sense. Originally I thought he was just being a jerk, but now it is obvious after I have thought it over. I'll put it to you somewhat the same way he put it to me.

    Survival gear allows you to survive easier, it does not make you survive. It is the knowledge which gives you the ability to survive, and not so much the gear. The knowledge is more important then the gear.

    For instance, your question was over infection. Say you have antibiotics laid up for use. Awesome, and a wise choice. What happens when they run out? Do you know of any alternatives, like colloidal silver or any plant based antibiotics such as echinacea or garlic oil?

    It took me awhile to wrap my head around the concept, but I finally did.
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  15. C.T.Horner

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    Not eating and replenishing, or rotating ones food storage. And a hardy second on not enough water.
    I have a pepper neighbor, he bought a years supply of freeze dried food for-four, the size of his family. I asked him what it tastes like, as in is it any good? He told me he had no idea, he never tried the stuff. He just ordered it off the internet, it was cheap too, not nearly as high as MH. While standing there in his garage staring at the pallet of boxes, I asked him where he was storing his water? He pointed to a shelf with 4 one gallon jugs of distilled water sitting on it. He assured me that he had the required 1 gallon per person, and was thinking of getting 2 more gallons to be extra safe. It took me a full five minutes to compose myself before I set him straight without insulting him anymore than necessary.
  16. Motomom34

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    Ct Horner, your neighbor is lucky to have you, stories like this make me thankful for our well. If I was him I would start sampling. Granted people will eat anything when hungry but when i served up MRE's on day the children were not happy.
  17. Mountainman

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    If the guy does not take your advice you may be inheriting the food supply. Not a good thing, just being realistic.
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    I wanna change my Previous answer in this thread. I've come to learn the one thing I lack & I believe most Preppers lack too. Energy, cuz I'm pooped
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  19. kellory

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    too many things to do, never enough energy.
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  20. TnAndy

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    ahahaaaaa......people are a hoot.

    We keep 3,000 gallons of storage, constantly refilled by a spring. The overflow feeds two catfish ponds, in addition to watering my cows and chickens.

    Seriously, people ARE a hoot..........
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