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    Since there has been talk of a "survival"/any book thread (review of books of interest to the reader if no one else) I thought this might be of interest as he mentions the "Last Stand Series". "Can John survive?" well he must because there are at least four books in the series! I have not read any of these, so I can not say how good or bad they are.

    What did you do to prep this week?

    Before we get started with this weeks "what did you do to prep this week" I'd like to give a big loud shout out to Mr. Bill D, Clean Survival, Brad C, Peter W, and Kate W for their generous contributions this week via PayPal. If this site has helped you in some way and you would like to give something back via a monetary contribution then you can do that here. Well, folks, today is the day that we get rid of Obama! I don't know how well Trump will do, I hope he does well and delivers on most of what he promised. I think he will try to do that. One thing is for certain and that is that he was a better choice than Hillary. A turnip would have been a better choice than Hillary... hopefully, we'll never have to hear from her again or any of the Clintons... or the Obamas... Okay, now let's see... what did I do to prep this week... Not nearly as much as I did last week... Unfortunately, after spending nearly $1000 on preps last week this week funds were tight and I couldn't do as much but I did manage to pick up ten cans each of canned apples, canned peaches and canned pears from the local Walmart. I also ordered:

    Completing my collection of The Last Stand series by William H. Weber. Well, folks, that's it for me... what about you... what did you do to prep this week?
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    Just copying another forum's post word for word and throwing it up here.... shows little creativity on the the OP's part.... borderline Spam.... IMO. (n)

    Edit- we already have this thread with the following:
    So what did you put away this week? | Page 157 | Survival Monkey Forums

    If you would like to post a Book of the week/month thread.... that would be suggested in the Survival Reading Room. ;)
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    Most of the "Survival" fiction I've tried to read has been atrocious and I have learned to avoid it as it is a terrible waste of time. It is filled with bad ideas that would probably get you killed in a real SHTF situation IMHO, but your mileage may vary.
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    I just finished the pre-novella to a three part series. Reading it, gave me much to think about.
    https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01M6Z37NS/?tag=survivalmonke-20 Free kindle download

    It started out as one of a married couple that was much like the members on here. Eyes open and wanting to prepare. The other was not believing that anything bad could happen. When the eyes finally opened, it was nice to see the couple working as a team.

    I realized that when prepping, if you have a prepping partner or spouse that so much more can be accomplished. While one is canning, another can be building the shelves, etc... I have read so many threads on here about either a spouse is not on board and I have also read happiness in a members post when a spouse or partner is finally on board. I really do believe having a prepping partner is a good thing. Just the difference in how to approach and reach a solution or goal is so useful.
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    We also have a ...what are you reading thread already
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    About I'll I did this week was shovel snow and try to stay warm...which I was fairly successful on both except seems by the time I got the snow cleared there would be another batch. Oh! I did pickup some more first aid and toiletries for my small BOB in the truck plus a small tarp...think I will have to get a bigger bag soon. I did a lot of reading, finish almost 4 books, and perhaps will try to find that reading thread to chat about them.
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