What did you put away this year for winter preps?

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by oil pan 4, Nov 23, 2016.

  1. oil pan 4

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    You had all summer. What do you have to show for it?
    This year after the godzilla El Nino winter of winter 2015 I did a few winter preps in the off season.
    1, I had a collection of 1/4 and 5/16 aero space grade stainless cable. They didn't have hooks on their ends so they were pretty much useless. Well now they do have eyelets, clips with hooks and picked up some snatch blocks.
    2, took the winch parts I had been collecting since 2008 along with some of that aero space 1/4 inch cable and built a warn 4000lb Reese hitch portable winch.
    3, bought a little "traveler" brand 2,000lb winch for my wife's car.
    4, brought my old Polaris snow mobile back from maine.
    5, replaced the old single pane, aluminum frame trailer windows with modern argon filled double pane vinyl frame windows. I live in a peer and beam stucco house, not a trailer.
    6, added insulation to most of the walls, I didn't get them all, hopefully before winter is here in full force I will finish the insulation project.
    7, I picked up the 17.5kw generac.

    Winter preps from Christmas past.
    8, 2011 Installed an all mechanical natural gas fired heater that needs no electrical power to operate after the previous electric ignition/fan heater failed. Plus it was useless when the power goes out.
    9, Lucky for me a year or 2 before that happened I picked up a 10,000btu/hr inferred propane heater with two 20lb tanks... Going to pickup an additional 40lb tank for this winter.
    10, in 2013 I picked up my broken 7kw troy built for $100, all it needed was a $7 exciter brush to fix it.
    Edit: 11, when my dad died this fall he was a bit of a prepper, so all set in the G&A department.
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  2. BTPost

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    Our Winter Preps have not changed much in the last Decade....

    Full Woodshed
    Full #1 Diesel Tanks
    Full Gasoline Tanks
    Four Fully Stocked Freezers
    Fully Stocked Pantry
    Fully Stocked Lubeoil Filters & Fuel Filters for Gensets and Vehicles
    Complete Routine Maintainance of our two Identical 20Kw Northern Lights Diesel Gensets
    Annual Routine Maintainance for portable Honda Water Pump
    Semi-Annual Routine Maintainance on our Vehicles

    ALL the above done by September 15th, every Year.... DONE
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  3. Dont

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    A good supply of iDen's phones and another pressure canner. Eight cases of canning jars and lots of ideas and knowledge.
  4. oil pan 4

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    Yeah September 15 here I think it was still in the 90s here.
  5. Yard Dart

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    I doubled my food and ammo supply...... :)
  6. Thunder5Ranch

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    280 cu feet of freezer filled with pork, beef and poultry (8) 35cu ft freezers.
    5,000 pounds potatoes
    2,000 pounds onions
    1,500 pounds carrots
    380 pounds garlic
    36 gallon bags dehydrated chantrelle shrooms
    9 four foot strings of Chipolte peppers
    8 strings cayenne peppers
    12 strings anehiem chili peppers
    230 quarts various vegetables
    60 pints various jellies/jams
    40 gallons dehydrated tomatoes
    60 gallons dehydrated peppers
    20 pounds Jalepeno powder
    20 pounds gypsy pepper powder
    1000 pounds flour
    1000 pounds cornmeal
    2,000 pounds sugar
    20 pounds baking powder
    300 pounds various beans black, navy, and pinto
    500 pounds blue dent shell corn
    300 quarts apples, peaches, plums and pears
    50 gallons kale chips
    100 gallon bags beef, turkey and pork jerky.
    300 pounds rice
    12 cases ramen noodles
    a case of coffee filters.
    2000 gallons diesel
    500 gallons gas
    300 gallons kerosene
    Winter high tunnel and green house seeds (lettuces,spinach, turnips, beets, kales, collards, carrots)
    stocked another 1000 rounds of each .22 mag .22LR CCI .300WM .223
    500 rounds .454C 200 rounds .410 3,000 rounds 20gauge ranging from bird loads to slugs
    a dozen cheap fillet knives (Great for processing chickens)
    500 feet nylon rope.
    two new -30 sleeping bags.
    12 dozen old victor traps 1 1/2 about half CS the other half LS, Picked them up at a garage sale $1.50 per dozen!
    5 new bow strings
    4 files for the axes
    two new wheel pumps for water or fuel
    found a hand crank set of kitchen gadgets blender, mixer and food processor.
    2 new dehydrators.
    a pair of 240v ceiling mount garage heaters
    2 55 gal drums Hydraulic oil, and motor oil
    20 gallon drum 90w
    2 cases grease
    various spare breakers, a couple hundred feet 14-2 wire
    two solar fence chargers
    50 pounds nails
    50 pounds 2" barn screws
    50 pounds each bolts, nuts and washers various diameters and lengths
    a new belt.
    a custom holster for the raging judge...... The ones available suck.
    4 more hand crank LED lanterns
    a case of zippo flints and a case of lighter fluid and 20' of wick
    20 feet of oil lamp Wick
    50 more food grade buckets with nice sealing lids.
    Case of old school 100w light bulbs
    case of heat lamp bulbs
    4 boxes of assorted O rings
    20 feet wood stoke gasket.
    12 tubes of wood stove sealer
    4 spare dampers
    200 feet of stove pipe sections 6" was on sale 75% off
    2 cases WM silver tip band blades for the mill. Like the 3 cases in the mill house are not enough :)
    7 quilted flannel shirts

    And after I hit the store tmrw to do battle with crowds of other assholes fighting for the best deals I will have two new 12500w generac generators. Local store is have a 50% off store wide sale from 8am-noon tmrw. Don't get between a 6'4" 320 pound guy and his generator deals :)

    I think I am about ready for winter.
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  7. Oltymer

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    Built a 12 x 25 greenhouse with raised beds, working real well for me and should have stuff coming out of it all winter.

    Also honed my primitive skills, and feel very comfortable now at the stone age level. Doing hand drill fires now, something I thought I would never learn, and weaning myself off steel knives. Plenty of rocks out there, and the price is right!
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  8. fedorthedog

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    1/2 a beef, extra genny, 2 55 gal fuel drums, now full.
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  9. Mountainman

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    @Thunder5Ranch Don't know what to tell you, but you better step it up so you don't run short., LOL!!!

    Always buying storage food, ammo and small supplies, so nothing different there. Main accomplishment this year was getting a spring to the house water system set up instead of using the well pump to water fruit trees and also as a back up if the well pump goes out. Also set with a solar system to run either pump.
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  10. john316

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    i think the price of guns might come down with the election...............the price of most everything we need...................................like a second chance

    How Trump Killed the Doomer Industry in One Day


    If Donald Trump delivers on all the promises he stated that these individuals supported him for, why do I need to buy the products from their sponsors?

    If gold is diving to $800 per ounce (as I speculated) and silver to $10 per oz., because President Trump cranks up the dormant economy and the dollar surges in strength, why would I invest in physical or paper precious metal investments that may lose me even more money?

    What do I need with another water filter?

    What makes these survivalists think that I need their vitamins as much when I can buy regular vitamins and go to the doctor again because Obamacare is repealed and my health care becomes affordable?

    Why would anyone donate to a message board owner claiming he needs a new server if the same message board owner supports and believes that Trump’s election will save America and prevent disaster and destruction?

    Since the risks of World War III are now diminished with President Trump in office, why should I buy long term food storage, radiation detection equipment, or night vision unless I think North Korea can successfully invade us?

    Hell, according to all these supporters of Trump unicorns will poop dollar bills and Skittles on my house and this time they are edible, unlike the liberal one’s the Obama unicorn spewed everywhere.

    Lastly, why should I add to my arsenal now? Gun prices will crash just like the gun manufacturer’s stock prices have since his election:"
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  11. Yard Dart

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    It is a lot like playing the stock market.....invest for the future....not the short term. ;)
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  12. oil pan 4

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    This election just delayed the implementation of the final solution by 4 or 8 years.
    Does anybody really think the globalists just gave up when Trump won?
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  13. techsar

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    @john316 - because Murphy happens ;)

    Roughly 3 years worth of fire wood split, stacked & a couple more waiting for me to get back to it...
    Pantries are full...and then some...
    More attic insulation put in...just because...
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  14. oil pan 4

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    The results of this election won't stop the next Carrington event or pandemic.
    Plus if gold and silver fall to 10 year lows why would you not buy it?
    What are you going to do wait till gold and silver hits 10 year highs before you panic buy?
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  15. tacmotusn

    tacmotusn RIP 1/13/21

    We prepare because not being prepared for the worst that may be thrown at us is just stupid. Granted I certainly don't need more guns or ammo, except to replace ammo as I use it. Food, well my long term storage stuff needs to be used more than it has been previously, and I will continue to buy bargain items to make my storage pantry more tasty and not so much like military eat it or starve grub. Mother nature can always throw us a major storm. We have plenty of enemies still wanting to kill us. I am hoping for a reversal of or correction to, our financial situation, globalist BS, border security, illegal immigration problem, balance of trade, and a return to USA manufacturing. You know all pie in the sky stuff.
    Oh sorry off thread a bit. WHAT WINTER??? Why do you think I am in Florida. I don't need no stinking winter preps. I usually got 50s 60s or 70s mid day all winter long. Yes it dips down into the teens F once every few years (for a few hrs in the wee hours of the morning) ... and we get temps in the 20s and 30s every winter for a few days , and maybe no more than 20-30 days total .... never all in a row, and again only for a few hrs in early morning 2-5am or so. No electric? Well I have a nice wood burning stove, sleeping bags toasty to 0F, and winter clothes I can layer with if necessary. WINTER IS A NON EVENT !!!
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  16. Thunder5Ranch

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    Gotta maintain this girlish figure I sport :) 100_2475.JPG
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  17. Thunder5Ranch

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    Plenty of things can and do go wrong no matter who the President is, or what the policies of the day are. Never forget those political winds have a way of shifting fast and blowing in a storm.
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  18. john316

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    BUT my do we have BUGS
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