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    I drive a tractor trailor and am home every night about 450 miles round trip. I want to carry what I need to survive till I can get back home if things go south. Is there some type of list out there a person can look at and decide what he wants to take on the road on a dayley bases.
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    do a search on BOB or GHB (bug out bag and get home bag) there are a few threads about it and i know there are a few that have bag contents listed. go off of that and modify to meet your own needs.
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    Is the scenario, you have no mechanized transport? Is it a SHTF scenario? Is it a natural disaster scenario like massive storm/earthquake/civil unrest etc? All of this can play a role in your BoB including weight and amount needed. Do you have a sleeper cab? preparing has SO many variables that I feel you need the basics and then add more as you address fundamental needs.

    I tend go heavy with a plan to jettison any unnecessary cargo, if the situation arises.
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