What do still need to get.

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by WestPointMAG, May 11, 2009.

  1. WestPointMAG

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    Not including food, weapons and medical since one can never have enough of those three.
    What do you have left to acquirer to get your preps at the 100% level?
    I think there may be an opportunity to do some networking to help get everyone as close to 100% as possible.
    I need
    NBC protection
    Communications transmit/receive
    4X4 truck/Jeep
    Dirt bike
    Snow pants
    Boot liners
    Wool socks
    Two more pairs of work boots
    Spar tires for all of my vehicles
    White gas
    Fill all my propane tanks
    Cans of propane for my lantern
    Coleman parts for stoves and lanterns
    Wicks mantels for lanterns
    Set of FOXFIRE books.
    That is all I can think of that I either do not have or do not have enough of. Other then what I have listed I think I am all set.
  2. Seawolf1090

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    Tomorrow I begin my week vacation - travel plans fell through so I am staying home, and will do some prepping......

    Mow lawn and add clippings to mulch pile.
    Begin front yard fence. (Gotta keep those pesky ACORN GPS drones at bay)
    Change out all my stored water, in preparation for Hurricane Season.
    Break out the new unused "Seal-a-Meal" and put some more food away.
    Buy another couple of 5-gallon cans and store more gas - before price climbs higher (27 cent jump in under a week here!)
    Finish a couple long-delayed gun projects.
  3. E.L.

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    Wow, an actual survival thread. Amazing!

    I could use some N95 filters for gas masks, and Seawolf I am glad you brought up the gas can issue, I need to fill up a couple myself, if for nothing other than to rotate my fuel. Rotating the water is also a good idea, and something I should also do. This week isn't going to be that busy for me, so I might just get on that, and add a few things that I could use such as wicks and fuel for the lanterns. I did pick up a really nice Coleman lantern at a garage sale last Friday for $10. It was a really nice one. I also bought a pancake Bianchi leather holster for a 1911 for $5, and a pair of saddlebags for $10 for my four wheelers. I could use a good survival manual, like the "Naked In The Wilderness" books.
  4. WestPointMAG

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    Seawolf if that is all you have left to do to get your preps to the 100% I take my hat off to you.[bow]
  5. Cephus

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    I have been preparing for about 30 years in one form or another ,
    it's never done .
    You always have repairs to make or restock something
    at this time it's the garden for us .
    We have a good start but it will take all of us to keep it going as planed,
    we have four gardens at four different locations ,two chicken coups that need
    Things to get are more what we already have
    diesel fuel
    oil-sae and blend
    chainsaw tuned up
    finish root celler
    PM on all vehicles
    more oil filters and others
    perimeter fence repair (to keep animals in)

    If you are done then something is wrong .

  6. Ripperbravo6

    Ripperbravo6 Monkey++

    I have a set up that I like for long term water storage. I use the big plastic barrels and add an aquarium air pump (the cheap kind) and an air stone to each barrel (4 55 gallon barrels). Keeps the water from going flat.
    If you are worried about the power going off, they sell battery operated pumps as well. or you can hook an inverter to an old car battery and just charge it occasionally. For rotating or moving the water, I have a submersible pump. Just drop it in and pump the water out (requires a larger hole in the barrel). Make sure you use the pump only for clean water, don't empty your pond, or sump your basement with it!

  7. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member


    And I need more food of the long term storage variety. Can only wish Mountain House stuff came in smaller packages and MREs were palatable. I also need to do a better job with the BOBs. Short term is fine, long term is woefully inadequate.

    Other than that, it's keep up with the maintenance on the homestead so when TSHTF I don't need to be concerned with the roof caving in or something equally ridiculous. My luck works that way.

  8. Tracy

    Tracy Insatiably Curious Moderator Founding Member

    Interesting water idea, RP6.

    I still need [seemingly] everything (never done, never enough). One case at a time.
  9. E.L.

    E.L. Moderator of Lead Moderator Emeritus Founding Member

    It really amazes me that people do not store water. We as a populace are just so complacent and used to having H2O with the twist of a knob. We keep quite a few of the blue and green water plastic water storage containers in the house, and 55 gallon drums in the garage. Last year I had a housefull of family over for the weekend, and a main was hit by a construction crew and wholla, no water. No problem. I got out the



    Price $22.99

    Make your selection.
    (If item shows out of stock it may be available again at any moment, please call for ETA, 1-888-344-9500.)

    Product Description:
    Space saving rectangular design for easy storing. Largest water container on the market huge 7 gallon 26 litre capacity! Handy liquid level indicator. Threaded vent closure. Nesting tops and bottoms are easy to stack and display. Special contour grip. Easy to use spigot on/off switch for intermittent use. Spigot reverses for safe storage. FDA, food approved polyethylene no odor or taste.

    7 gallon water container, set it on the counter, turned the spigot on and show everyone how to work it. No problem. I carried water into the bathrooms, and replenished the tanks after they were flushed. Thankfully it wasn't off long enough for me to worry about having to fill up bathtubs. We keep quite a few of the Aqua-Tainers ready to go on short notice. Although I do need to rotate the water to keep it fresh. I also have some smaller five gallon containers that are plastic, but designed like the old "Jerry can's" and are a lot more mobile and fit well on the ATV racks.

    I noticed that there is now another container that looks like the above, but that actually has a 0.3 micron filter. Interesting, I might have to pick up a few:



    • 7 Gallon container with Bacteria Filter. A 2-in-1 Value for safe hydration.
    • 0.3 micron filter in the cavity of the container.
    • Easily place filter into the cap for quick removal of bacteria and cysts.
    • Hideaway Spigot with on/off tap.
    • Includes handy, liquid level indicator.
  10. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    I don't know whether to envy or pity those of you on city water systems. I have a well, as do all the neighbors. The only thing that can crash us out is a power failure (which has happened) and most of us have gennies. Before moving up here, I had a number of city water failures, maybe 5 in the last ten years. I was not prepared for the first one, but ever since, there has been a backup supply in house.

    And as I found out last week to the tune of a walletary jolt, well pumps can and do croak, usually when you need a shower in the worst way. For both reasons, keeping a supply of (at least) drinking (and coffee) water on hand is an absolute necessity.

    All this by way of saying the starting point of preps is water, water, and water. Just because it is so easy to get some, it is readily overlooked while thinking of all the other things.

    Side note: Don't forget that when the well or city systems come back on, you need to flush out the pipes thoroughly. You will not believe what can come out of the taps. For what it's worth, I've learned THAT lesson at least twice. Pearly white skivvies won't be.

  11. dragonfly

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    All I need is:
    Time, say a couple of years more...
    Money, I'm easy, so say only about $65K or so....!
    Yup, then I'd be all set.....
    Well,... until it came time to rotate all the food stocks, and replace a lot of solar system batteries!
    It never ends!
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