What do the words "survival-ist/ism" mean to you

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  1. dragonfly

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    Recently I've had some interesting emails about survival-ists and ism, that seem a tad bit confusing to an "old guy" like me....
    Maybe you can help me sort this out?
    It seems for some obscure reasoning, that "us" older people (in my age bracket) have NO place being in this arena.???
    In that, I was "chastised" for a man of my age to be even the least bit involved in: "Prepping", "Survival", and or the building or attemp to build a "retreat" area.
    This came from a younger man some 24+ years my junior. ( Army intel. officer)
    Go figure. ( oxymoron at play there...?)
    It was pointed out that I have so FEW useful years "left" to me, I should get a "Hobby"! Even perhaps a "life", not trying something so hard on a guy in my advanced age range!
    Uh huh...so some say.
    I don't view this as some may, I consider survival a means unto itself, and in so doing, it's not a hobby, but a lifestyle.
    I have No intentions of JUST "survivng"...I intend to LIVE, and quite well in the process. Why not? I find it exhilirating in growing things and even putting in fences, gates, building chicken coops and rabbit hutches...
    Many people came to the survival (movement?) arena with the old adage of "beans, bullets and bandaids". In fact a LOT of people only see the "bullets" part, not to mention the guns...Now, IF I were married and had to take into consideration having to explain the buying (expenditure of money) on weapons or accessories and ammo to feed them...That would be a different matter entirely.
    I do not have that scenario. What I do have though is the drive to get some farming/gardening going, and have a lot of fun, ( aka: "work" in the new x generations words), in doing it. Those that have the funds to buy, trade, and "play" with the newest toys, so be it! I don't have the time or money to do that, so I'll remain content in the "other" areas...most of which is in the FOOD area!
    Today it is more apparent than ever the type of society we all "live in" ( if you can call it such!). A "Fast Food" society, or..."INSTANT GRATIFICATION" some refer to it as. I find it no longer amusing now, as I have gotten completely involved in so many areas in the vastness we refer to as "survival". So much to do, and to learn, and it all takes time and a considerable amount of real effort. Not done by watching movies, reading of novels and the like. It's what my generation used to call: "Hands-on" or O.J.T. experience. Too Few have the time or the drive today to "get-er-done". It's all about them, and what they get, and how soon can they get it. I was told that in my condition, I'd never pass a Military PT test....yeah, so what? I am not the least bit concerned about that, I'm NO longer required to do those things!
    I'm NOT dead yet! In fact, I have taken 3 teenagers out on a day trip...I outclimbed a mountain some 2 miles from where we parked, I went up and down the mountain long before those 16, 17 and 18 year olds did. I took them shooting, and (I wear glasses), I outshot them all, and even when I took them out to do archery, I again beat their pants off. I had not used or even had a bow in my hands for over 40+ years!
    Ok, so we "old tmers" may not be as spry as we once were, but WE have the experience and knowledge we have acquired over the years that the newer generations will never achieve...
    It's not because they can't, it's because they don't have the "time"!
    So, I have had some people refer to me by many names: delusional, paranoid, and crippled....even one by an "ordained minister" that called me a Communist! ( got to love that guy!)
    All due to my ability to say NO, and to think for myself.
    So, I may be a lot of things and be called a lot of names by a lot of so-called righteous people....
    But, when it's all said and done, I consider myself to be a prepper, a survivalist, and a man of "experience and knowledge" despite what the 'college educated' may say!
    I wonder...what will all their rhetoric be worth when the chips fall?
    I can see a lot of the younger generations today, that will fall...unwashed, unclothed, and unfed...unable to protect themselves and so on....as they have some belief that "my" generation has lost touch with reality.
    I have talked with many people in the area of survivalism....I am truly astounded at the results of their belief's and any "prep's" they seem to be doing.
    One in particular: I will remain in my home in a suburb in Olympia, Washington, and will be "protected" by my "blackberry" bushes!
    Uh yeah,.... sure cowboy! ( has a store of cigarrettes and alcohol for barter!)
    (that was from the mil intel guy for crying out loud!)
    Another here in Phoenix: I'll sandbag my living room in a circle and we can stay there, with our single 100 watt solar panel, 2- 12 volt acm batteries, no garden, and a garage full of 5 gallons of bottled water! (No sand...no way to get much dirt...Ok, so now what?)
    One lady here in Phoenix: I'll load my 2 youngest into a wagon, and we'll all go into the desert! ( she has 5 kids, 2-14, 1- hunting knife, 1- 20 gauge shotgun she has never been taught how to assemble, 3 boxes of # 7 1/2 birdshot and a .38 revolver and 1 box of ammo, never fired one, ever)
    That's JUST the "TIP" of the iceberg out there today!
    Ok, so tell me ...what do you think so far?
    ( I got nothin'!)
  2. ghrit

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    What I "get" is a massive reduction in the human load on the planet in a few months after SHTF. Those that make it past 12 months stand a chance, but not much of one. What's more, the distribution of age will shift the curve way high toward those with knowledge and experience. The young and eager will fall by the wayside, only those willing and able to learn fast will remain to save the species.
  3. dragonfly

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    "Survival of the fittest"?
    Yup, thats what I figured myself!
    ( I hope that some of the younger gals will still be left around,....you know, for re-seeding purposes and all that !)
  4. Seawolf1090

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    Well, I am in the 'older' age range - not to the point of getting the "Senior Discounts" yet that my buds enjoy - I seem to be the "youngin' " in my circle of friends! [lolol]

    But I do take exception if some 'kid' thinks I do not 'count' just because I may not be here in thirty years, or can't run twenty miles with a full kit. :rolleyes:

    I'm curmudgeonly enough to WANT to be around if TSHTF, and I am taking measures to make that possible. I am old enough to have 'gone without' in my younger days, and can do things that the kids of today would find 'gross!'..... Survival ain't fun and it ain't pretty - it's danged hard work and you do things you would not think you could do.
    But the way I see it, pure "survival" is short term. It gets you past the immediate dangers and shortages. For longer term, to actually LIVE - you need the support of others. No one will live long after the Crunch if alone. Some other group will kill him and take his stuff. With a community, one can share skills, and share defense. This is the true "Prepper" ideal.
    So few of today's young 'survivalists' realise this - and they won't last long to they do! You can't plant bullets and get beans.......
  5. fortunateson

    fortunateson I hate Illinois Nazis!

    So ironic.
    I've been thinking this same thing for a few weeks. That is that there is a "hump" that we will need to overcome, after which huge amounts of resources will be freed up by a tremendous "die off". Sounds nasty, but that's how I see it going down.

    That brings up a survival "strategy" if you will - and that is to concentrate your efforts on overcoming the first 12 mos. as you say. Not "the answer" per se, but just something to ponder as we stash stuff away.

    Thanks for that.

    Anyway, my story is that I've spent many a year, chasing the brass ring and getting frustrated in the process, all the while looking around me and seeing a way of life that cannot last. The term "unsustainable" has been echoing in my mind for the past few years.
    I gave up on all the "keeping up with the joneses" and instead working on "outlasting the joneses" and MAN do I feel better. I'm giving something of value to myself and my family. That is what a being a survivalist means to me.
  6. UGRev

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    the ugliness of survival has been replaced with the shiny veneer of grocery stores and malls.
  7. Tracy

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    What do the words "survival-ist/ism" mean to you?

    To me, it's all a matter of perspective: What you consider survivalism, I might just call livin' life! :)

  8. melbo

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    methinks you need to stop seeking a group, buy a donkey, and go Grizzily-Adams-Style so you don't have to rely on others. You seem to have poor luck finding anyone worth a sh*t.

    Or wait, it was Jack that had Old Number 7 right. OK, find a bear named Ben...

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  9. dragonfly

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    you are so very right!
    I have tried so hard and so long to try to put things together, that it seems to have been a wasted effort and a lot of time lost.
    "It's hard to get good reliable help these days"!
    Kids don't get it, and even some that are in their late 40's don't seem to care.
    I bought supplies and kits for 6 people, that just "walked out" on me.
    If I can get this (older) mobile home up on my place, I'm moving there and taking the whole situation into my own hands....Seems it's getting harder to "trust" most now, and that's a shame, it really is....
    Now, when those that decided to go to the movies, play card tournaments, and ignore the important stuff....I wonder...
    Who will they call to "bail" them out of their problems?
    Not me!
    I figure that since "they" made their choices, let them live with the consequences! (of their actions/ inactions)
    It's not easy. especially when they were in your home for so many years, and you raised them...but they have to leave the nest sometime and spread their wings...
    I hope they have learned how to fly!
    After all,....it's a long way down!
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