What does the future hold?

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by Rourke, Jun 25, 2010.

  1. Rourke

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    No doubt that a thread like this has been started before - but I can't find it.

    I have seen a lot of quality posts and opinions here - and I respect the opinions of members here, thus I ask this oh so simple question:

    What does the future hold for us? (Not so simple heh?)

    What I am referring to is in your opinion as what do you see happening in the future? Economic collapse? World War? Massive oil spill off the Gulf Coast eventually destroying the ecosystem? EMP attack? Nuclear terrorism? Plague? Zombies? Giant Pillsbury Douggh Boy? etc.

    This could be an interesting thread.

    Thanks - Rourke
  2. Hispeedal2

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    I think an economic collapse and major depression are on the horizon. If you can feed yourself for a length of time between 5 and 10 years (very bad case scenario), you will probably be fine.

    I don't think we are anywhere close to a major civil war. Sorry couch commandos ;) The Nanny state wouldn't bite the hand that feeds them.

    Not too worried about eco problems. It's a big Earth and I don't think we have as large of an effect as some arrogant-types think we do.

    Now zombies..... thats a real problem..... those pesky zombies.
  3. ozarkgoatman

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    I believe that the Dems will get slautered in Nov. by the Rebs. The Rebs will end up disappointing those that voted for them. We will continue to destroy this once great country. There will be some newly elected Rebs that will really try to make a differance but they will soon figure out that they mean nothing in the overall sceem of things.


    P.S. I really hope I'm wrong but don't think I will be.
  4. SLugomist

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    We're about between 1932 and 1935 on the history rhymes scale.
  5. Brokor

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    "If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever." -George Orwell
  6. SLugomist

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    lol nice
  7. Gray Wolf

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    Pretty simple, Obama will grant blanket amnesty to 30 million illegal aliens,
    then get them registered to vote before the elections, thus preserving the democrats hold on congress and the white house, and making them immune
    from any threat of being called to account for their heinous actions.
    After that, we are in uncharted waters.
  8. tacmotusn

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  9. Tango3

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    I'd like to draw attention to this excellent thread and metaphor from the latoc boards.
    "Robert" or ("feeling weird" ) is one of their highly respected financial gurus/mods and serious about prepping.

    "But what you are describing would necessitate a fast economic crash.

    What you are describing below is what THEY ARE doing, and have been doing since about 2005 with the Bankruptcy Reform Act (and many other things). They are trying to slowly and methodically change expectations, while trying not to spook the **** out of the cattle.

    I am a computer guy and I will try and explain my point of view in another analogy.

    I work (and have worked) in a large corporation. We have systems that run 24/7/365 for years and years at a time. If one of these systems were to go down, it would be catastrophic to the corporation. But many of these systems are getting old and are in need of upgrade/replacement. So what must happen in situations like this is a rolling upgrade replacement. This is one of the hardest things to do in the IT world. To do this we must allow the current system to operate as closely to normal as we can, WHILE in the background we are making major changes to the systems. Shutting down certain parts of the program/server and making changes and then bringing them back up and allowing the users to interact with the new program and slowly get them used to the new interfaces and graphics.

    If you are good, you can do this and the user community will barely notice you have completely changed everything about what they were doing. They were slowly boiled into the new system.

    The worst way to do such a cutover is the slash and burn technique. But this is also the most efficient and sure way to make sure there are no problems. This is when you come in late on Friday, take everything down and change it all over and then be ready on Monday for the flood of calls and complaints. But this method creates anger and creates animosity towards IT.

    Management almost always opts for the slow cutover technique. But this also has HUGE downsides that can cause worse anger and animosity. It happens when things don’t go as planned or outside forces knock you off your plan.

    I have been a proponent of the thought process that says the .gov Power that be are slowly but surely changing the system over, right under our noses. And they have juggled some HUGE obstacles along the way. They have kept this cutover process in control and have kept the anger to a low boil, but it has yet to spill out to a complete riot against the system.

    Think about how many interfaces have been changed since 2005, think about how different our desktop and graphics look now…..

    This blowout in the Gulf changes everything in my opinion. This is a fatal error that they cannot back out of and like you stated, they will be forced to do all the draconian things you state. But these actions will happen TOO FAST and the people will notice how hot the water is and they will panic.

    Can’t state it any clearer than that. Hope I am wrong.


  10. alanz

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    Agreed, though I think it's more like 1931. But it's true that history is Western society seems to repeat every 80 years or so. We will see a long depression and probably WWIII.

    Beyond that, who knows. I think eventually the economy will recover (if only slightly) and the worst of the war will be over. Then we could see a return to freedom and liberty, or the U.S. could become more statist than ever.
  11. Seawolf1090

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    Great analogy, Tango3! I too work in IT - we quiver in fear when 'they' tell us they are doing an "invisible-to-the-user-upgrade" - SOMETHING always fails.......
    In the mainframe world, we use the 'slash&burn' technique, though on a major redevelopment, we will run parallel jobs to make sure they go as expected.
    But in 'the real world', this can't be done. So, we get major catastrophes like the BP oil spill. Already a LOT of frogs croaking over this hot water! We Gulf Coasters are NOT happy campers!
    IF we end up having to 'relocate', this would mean major economic disaster for many - move out of our homes, and CANNOT sell them..... lose our jobs and have to compete with thousands of other 'refugees' for the few available..... end up being dependent upon a hostile Federal Government that caused it all..... bad juju!! [yukface]
  12. azranger

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    Frog in the kettle

    Hi everyone,
    My first post. I have been reading some posts--great site. I think the most likely scenerio will be an economic meltdown. Actually, for Obama to "fundamentally" change this nation, he has to destroy the middle class---all communist class struggles are against the "middle" class. You must destroy the average Joe's ability to make money, vote, have weapons, etc. before you can control him. Obama has fervently followed his avowed "redistribution of wealth" policy. He will spend/tax/spend us into oblivion, if he is able to. "Never let a crisis go to waste"---I also believe he does not care about capping the oil spill---it accomplishes too much for him---capturing control of energy, harming the gulf coast (many did not vote for him there), and enriching George Soros and his other cronies, all the while "appearing" to be concerned and "in control". The Gulf oil spill will destroy a great portion of our economy--the Gulf coast directly, and indirectly through MUCH higher energy costs.
    If you don't have concrete plans to get out, it is getting pretty late. The frog in the kettle is getting pretty hot!
  13. Ajax

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    Thanks to the obamination and his lil' buddies in DC we are in for a rough ride, hopefully it will change in Nov. but if not things are going down hill fast. I think that a NWO will take place soon if things don't change, top leaders around the world are already talking about it on a regular basis, talking about a world currency, it's only a matter of time.

    Once the right disaster or set of disasters take place, man made and natural, and the world is on it's knee's begging for help....bam.

    As a Christian we know these things will happen, the only question is when. The main thing we should focus on is where we are spritually.
  14. gravelgurdy

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    This sounds to much like a unconditional surrender, and a let's put it in Gods hands answer to me. Two things I can't wholy agree with. I am comfortable with where I am at spiritually. I have lead a long moral life helping and guiding others, keeping the commandments as best I could, asking for forgiveness when I slipped, and I know who my maker is. If I die today I am secure. There is plenty of contradiction in the Bible. Most of it is between the old and the new testaments. Reason? well how about, written by man long after it actually happenned, and time difference between old and new testament. So is it "the meek shall inherit the earth", or "God help those who help themselves?" I tend to lean towards the latter.
    So let's get off our butts and do all we can to let our demands known, and give something of yourself to make it happen.
  15. azranger

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    Ajax, I also believe we need to be prepared spiritually first. For me, to live in/for Christ is paramount. However, in a great Christian classic by Dietrich Bonnehoffer, he said (and I will slaughter this saying), "they (Nazis) came for the Jews and I wasn't a Jew, so I said nothing. They came for the mentally handicapped and I wasn't mentally handicapped, so I said nothing. They came for the gypsies, but I wasn't a gypsy, so I said nothing,...when they finally came for me, there was no one left to say anything!"
    We cannot sit idly by, while our hard won liberties are being taken away at an alarming rate, by the progressive marxists in control of our country right now. It is time to prepare spiritually, physically, etc and to speak up, while we still can! (One other freedom communists/nazis/totalitarians MUST take is freedom of speech. You cannot have all those average Joes being informed and saying what they want! Bad for the party line.)
  16. Ajax

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    Yes, I agree, I'm not saying sit back and do nothing. It's just that if it is meant to happen then there really isn't anything anyone can do about it globally, maybe push it back but eventually it will happen. My main concerns are for my family, community and country.
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