What I got at Tulsa this weekend.

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    Besides a cardio workout I got a "Naked into the wilderness" book vol ll, they were out of vol l. I got a new Blue Book of gun values and some cleaning manuals that show a more involved breakdown of some of my toys. I also got some 45 brass but that didn't make it home, however, I had a blast doing the bargin and haggel routine.
    The best thing I accquired was a nice strip of Magnisum from a friend of mine thats a machinist. It's 5"L x 1"w x 2", I'm pretty sure I've got enough to get me for a day or so.

    Now for the bad news Monkeys. Mag prices were thru the roof. The cheapest I could find HK 91 mags was 10.00 each. Fal metric was from 5-10 range, ak was 20 and up, ar mags were about 15 and up and you don't want to know about any pistol mags.

    On Sat. I went by the BATF counter and talked with some of the people there. The consensus was they expect that alot of gun regs will be coming down the pipe and more if we end up with a Dem Pres in 08. They felt that the macarthy bill was just the tip of the iceberg and that if it dies there will be at least two or three others on it's heels each of which will carry it's own portion of the origional bill.

    Lets face it thats their own opinion cause if they were high up they wouldn't have been spending their Saturday behind a table at a gun show. It cant be completely discounted tho because they are a tad more in that loop than most of us. So take it for what ya want.

    I had a great time at the show saw some friends and met Gillman there. Had some good grub at a couple of resturants and drank some Excellent Scotch. All in all it was a two thumbs up weekend.

    Take care Be safe Poacher.
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    Thanks for the report Poacher. Gun stuff prices are a lot like oil prices. Rumors cause them to rise. But it takes concrete evidence to cause them to fall.
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