What Kind of Bike?

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    I have decided that I am going to become a MZB and was wondering what kind of bike would best be suited for pillaging, looting, and such? I will be armed with an M79 grenade launcher, a sword, and various compact automatic weapons; should I use a side-car? I am kind of leaning towards a dirt bike but still have delusions of a Harley, wonder if they make them that run on bio-fuel? I am definitely too old for a rice-rocket but that's mostly because I don't like the luminous green leather thing. I've never actually looted anything yet or tried cannibalism but I did come across some good recipes. Any advise here would be appreciated.
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    Traditionally, the only proper ride for an MZB is a Harley. Sidecars cut down on the cool factor, but with all that armament, you'll need one. You'd better check with your local horde before purchasing anything else, I think some require a Harley for membership. I know union rules can be pretty strict. Good news is that the 10 year career outlook forecast for MZB is really good right now.

    For the cannibalism part, here is an article on butchering. I'd think illegal immigrants would make for good practice as their usually not too big.

    For recipes.... just google "Long Pig" recipes.

    Good luck with your new endeavor :)
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    I think the benifits of the sidecar greatly outweigh the loss of the cool factor. After all, it will make a great spot to mount a M2 or Mk19 (or upgrade to a Mk 47). ;)
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    [​IMG]Gl1000(?) Goldwing ( look close)
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    Think KTM. No sidecar, but nimble as all get out. 650 thumper. BTW, two people shooting ARs forward will probably stall a Ural. Then again, they are not at all difficult to fix.
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    Wow.... that caterpillar bike looks awesome! Gotta Google that.
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    Im gonna have to say that For the MZB style go with an Old ass Indian beast. Then bolt on as much Scrap metal "Armour" you can. On the back keep an old golf bag and use it as a multi weapons sling. Keep a milk crate loaded up with the mags you wanna use, and put the crate on top of the gas tank.
    That or go fast and light with a KTM 400 with a single 18" HK G91 and a butt load of Mags in a satchle Musette bag.
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    You're kidding right, the only bike a true bad boy rides is a Sith Speeder, something like Bloodfin.

    If you're into tank like features google up Kettenkrad
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    Sweeet.... I've seen those in WW2 pics, but never knew what they were called.

    Still, that orange Baal in the pic above is a lot sexier ;)

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    I would like to graft a 1200cc sportster into a full on dirt bike chassis. I wouldn't dare ride a bike in a combat op damn what the US army does. If it comes to a urban or rural warfare kind of thing the best camouflage will be to look like everyone else and drive a stock white 2000 something auto. I would also like to build (or pay someone) to build a hybrid ATV, something with say a 250cc 4 stroke engine and a full electric mode. Sweet. The only think I have now is a half assembled sportster (Harley Davidson) which has nothing to do with our thing. I have a mildly set up for off road 95 ford explorer. (33" tires, CB, 'hardened against EMPs, electronics' , soon to be points and carbed, which are resistant to electro-magnetic pulses, AKA EMP's). It has camping equipment with a bit of food, tools, tent, lanterns etc etc...I could probably live out of it for half a year If need be.

    Sorry for kinda' de railing this thread....

    ; }>
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    Seriously(?): A quiet air cooled single cylinder fourstroke dual purpose bike, Aka Honda xl250/650 . 250 is a better trail bike( lighter),: The u.s.m.c. uses klr250's. The 650 is well loved and makes a pretty good street bike, one medium sized guy can drag the 250 out of a of a sticky situation the 650 is signifigantly heavier but about half as heavy as the big bmw gs's(1150/1200.).

    What you described ( sportster engine in a "dirt worthy chassis exists ;it's called a "BUEL ADVENTURE".big tall heavy sucker...but it gets fairly good reviews from the "adventure tour" folks.

    As you can tell I'm an advocate of small and simple. Americans are "hp drunk", a british woman named Lois pryce rode her Yamaha XT 225 serow up to Alaska then all the way down to Tierra del fuego (google "lois on the

    Then theres' this: how many wheels do you really need?:[​IMG]

    An older dual sport witha carburetor and points ignition would be impervious to EMP.
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    Here you go this should fit the bill, shouldn't be too hard to incorporate a sidecar if need be. Amazing fuel mileage 96mpg.

    The M1030M1 JP8/Diesel Military Motorcycle has been under development since 1998. It is designed to operate reliably and efficiently on Kerosene based fuels to include Diesel Fuel and Aviation Kerosene. HDT is under contract with the U.S. Marine Corps to delivery over 440 M1030M1s. Production will begin in March of 2006.


    Type:4-Stroke, IDI, single cylinder, liquid cooled.
    Power:30 PS @ 5700 RPM
    Torque:33 ft-lbs @ 4200 RPM
    Lubrication:Wet sump, compatible with MIL-L-2104 lubricant.
    Air Filtration:High capacity, 3-stage, oiled foam, reusable
    Transmission:5-speed, constant mesh, return shift.
    Final Drive:Self lubricated, sealed, O-ring roller chain.

    Dry Weight: 369 lbs
    Max Width: 35.75 inches
    Max Length: 85 inches
    Wheel Base: 57 inches
    Ground Clearance: 10.7 inches

    Acceleration: 0-30 mph (53 kph), 3.3 sec 0-60 mph (106 kph), 9.7 sec
    Gradeability: 60% (32E)
    Turning Radius: Less than 7 feet
    Maximum Speed: In excess of 90 mph.
    Minimum Constant Speed: Less than 3 mph.
    Fording Depth: 24 inches
    Fuel Mileage: 96 mpg @ 55 mph (Tested)
    Range: 408 miles @ 55 mph
  14. ColtCarbine

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    More info on above bike, price tag is $19K

    Diesel Motorcycles

    UPDATE: Hayes to produce and sell a street version of its diesel motorcycle, called the D650-A1LE Bulldog!

    Hayes Diversified Technologies, the designer and manufacturer of the Kawasaki KLR650-based M1030M1 JP8/Diesel Military Motorcycle, has announced that due to overwhelming response, they will produce a limited run of diesel motorcycles for sale.

    Founded 1961 by Marvin Hayes Sr., Hayes has been providing diesel motorcycles and gas-fueled motorcycles and ATV’s to the military and law enforcement since 1982.

    The company’s diesel motorcycle now meets the requirements of NATO’s single battlefield fuel doctrine. Hayes was selected earlier this year by the United States Marine Corps to supply up to 500 combat diesel bikes.

    Hayes is currently undergoing a final review of Federal and State regulations with regards to commercial motorcycles. They plan on accepting firm orders for the D650-A1LE Bulldog soon, to be built in 2006 as 2007 models.

    Hayes plans to offer individualized engine serial numbers for the Bulldog. After receipt of a customer's deposit for the 2006 Ltd. D650-A1LE Bulldog, Hayes will provide the new owner with a custom, military-style leather Bomber Jacket that includes a special patch with the individualized engine serial number.

    Additionally, each bike owner will receive individualized documentation and a bronze medallion with the individualized engine serial number.

    Individualized engine serial numbers will be assigned on a first come, first served basis, with the exception of serial number 00001. Hayes intends to auction off the first production unit with the proceeds going to a Marine Corps charity and the Marine Corps Heritage Museum in Quantico, Virginia.

    Owners will be provided with monthly updates as to the progress of the commercial production.

    They will also be offering a limited choice of colors and graphics. Hayes says that they are working on color and graphic details now and will announce the options soon.

    The Bulldog diesel motorcycle will have these features:

    It will be the only production run of commercial diesel motorcycles that will use the military engine and limited to only 200 units.

    * The D650-A1LE will have custom graphics by Wally World.
    * It will have special Noleen/F1 rear suspension and custom tuned front suspension.
    * The D650-A1LE will be available with the customer's choice of Dunlop D606 or D607 tires.
    * Gearing will be customized to the rider's preference for on-road, off-road, or adventure touring.
    * The D650-A1LE will have a custom seat cover.
    * The D650-A1LE will have a custom, military style, tool kit, especially equipped for adventure touring.

    Now for the downside. Don't expect to save much on fuel (diesel is currently averaging $2.79 per gallon in California at the time this was written). The Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price for the D650-A1LE Bulldog will be $18,999.00 (the price is subject to change until the opening of the initial offer to sell and some restrictions may apply.)

    A non-refundable deposit of 10% of the purchase price will be required to hold the bike. The balance will be due on presentation of documentation and notice that the unit is ready for shipment. Deposits will be refunded if HDTUSA is unable to deliver their motorcycle.

    I sure would like one! Stay tuned for more.....

    Diesel Motorcycle World Speed Records
    Hayes has also recently established 8 World (FIM) and 3 American Motorcycle Association (AMA) records at Henry Ford’s racecourse at Bonneville Speedway this past week with their diesel motorcycle.

    The Hayes diesel motorcycles used production engines and frames, but incorporated sleek and streamlined components to increase speed, and reduce wind resistance.

    All records are “unofficial” until the AMA and FIM have certified them. HDTUSA owner and rider Fred Hayes currently holds the two AMA diesel records for the M-D 650 and M-DB 650 classes. The “unofficial” FIM speeds were:

    * Division A, Type III, Class 1, Kilometer, 154.392 km/h, mile, 95.875 mph
    * Division A, Type IV, Class 1, Kilometer, 167.893 km/h, mile, 104.512 mph
    * Division B, Type III, Class 1, Kilometer, 163.709 km/h, mile, 101.618 mph
    * Division B, Type IV, Class 1, Kilometer, 169.261 km/h, mile, 104.997 mph

    Three new changes included a center-mounted radiator, new—smaller fuel tanks and lowered suspension. Full fairings were utilized for two of the classes. Pre-Bonneville tests showed that engine power increased 8 to 10 percent for both the normally aspirated engine and the turbo-charged engine.

    “We had a chance to test our new generation engines this year,” exclaims Fred Hayes, owner/rider of the Hayes diesel bikes. “These new benchmarks proved again that our diesel bikes provide great performance and are commercially viable.”

    The BUB crew did an outstanding job in preparing the course after heavy rains. The course was very smooth and fast. According to Hayes, the event was very well run and the diesel team made more than 20 passes during the 4 days of the event.

    Even with the gain in engine power, Hayes states that the engines were still easy to start and didn’t loose any of the smooth power delivery of the original military motorcycle diesel engine. There is just more power everywhere in the rpm range.

    For more information, contact Hayes Diversified Technologies.

    Diesel Motorcycle Information: Diesel motorcycles - yes, they do exist! Here's info on several different makes/models | Stats on the 2001 Royal Enfield Taurus Diesel | Article on the 2001 Kawasaki KLR650 Diesel conversion | More Diesel motorcycles, including movies of the Kawasaki military diesel | Motorcycle diesels, including information on a mysterious BMW R100RT diesel conversion | New diesel sportbike and supermoto combination from the Netherlands | Check out the Diesel Wiesel from Germany
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    M1030M1 JP8/Diesel Military Motorcycle

    This is no wimpy bike with a converted diesel generator for an engine. This is a high performance enduro bike that will run over 100 mph, revs over 7000 rpm and will climb the proverbial "brick wall"

    Gunnery Sgt. Jack Harig USMC Diesel Engine

    The engine was designed in part by Dr.Stuart McGuigan of the Royal Military College of Science at Cranfield, UK and has been further developed to it's current performance level by HDT and F1 Engineering

    The feasability study and the first concept model was based on the Kawasaki KLR 650 gasoline motorcycle engine, however the production diesel engine is built from the ground up by HDT and F1 Engineering

    The engine configuration is a liquid cooled, normally aspirated, 584cc (36 cu in) double overhead cam single with four valves per cylinder. Diesel fuel supply is through a special Fuel Injection unit and single injector developed for the engine by Wayne Hangen of UNIQUE INJECTION in San Diego, California. It currently develops 38 bhp at 5500 rpm and produces power between 1500 and 7000 rpm

    The engine has multi-fuel compatibility and can use;

    a} Commercial Diesel Fuels, including low sulfer fuels, such as CARB Diesel
    b} NATO Military Spec Diesel Fuel
    c} Bio-Diesel (B20 or B100)
    d} Aviation Kerosene including JP4, JP5, JP8, and AVTR
    e} Kerosene

    Kawasaki Motors supplies the KLR 650 rolling chassis which is then modified to accept the HDT diesel engine.

    Front suspension is stock KLR 650 with the exception of different rate springs selected for the new application. Rear suspension is a multi link system controlled by a special, single, coil over shock absorber developed by F1 Engineering specifically for this bike (see F1 Military Shocks). The shock is a single rebound adjustable, nitrogen filled rebuildable unit manufactured from lightweight, non-corrosive, aerospace materials. Although it is infinitely adjustable by interior valving the shock was kept to a simple adjuster in order to maintain the specific characteristics developed for the bikes use.

    The civilian version of the M1030M1 Diesel Motorcycle is now available to the general public.

    Large Pic>> http://www.peace65.freeserve.co.uk/P...m1030m1jp8.jpg

    The sexy stuff; nekid parts ==>> http://www.f1engineering.com/projectpics white.html
    More...>> http://www.m1030.com/engineering.htm
    Jack 4.JPG
  16. TNZ71


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    What about a Rokon they will go almost anywhere and will do every but sleep with you.
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    I've only actually seen 1 in my life ( and that was an "enduro", not the two wheel drive one with the "ballon-tires").I read somebody tried to cross the Darien gap with a "balloon-tired" one.


    I didn't realize they were still in production...
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    Hmmm . . . that rig may draw a bit too much attention . . .
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