What kind of vitamins are good for SHTF?

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  1. I'm asking what kind of vitamins would be good to take in order to maintain a general sense of physical well being when things go south? How long do vitamins store for? Can I make my own vitamins? Should I store vitamins in a cool place in my house?
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    As far as storage goes you need a cool, dry, dark place. Others can probably give you a better idea of how long they will store. I know they last past the expiration date, but some lose potency faster. I would start with a multivitamin. Take a look at your situation and determine what extras you may need. Do you have people who might need specific vitamins? Women, children, and seniors need extra calcium. That means they need magnesium and vitamin D to absorb it. If you are worried about an event that might limit exposure to sunlight, that means more extra vitamin D. Will you have access to food providing vitamin C? Women who may become pregnant need folic acid. Can you provide these from your food stores and gardening? There are many others which might be a specific need. Once you start with your multivitamin, take a good look at the needs of the people in your life. It's important to consider who you might need to supply when planning your storage.
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    Cool, Dark, Dry, and sealed in a Air Tight Containers. Most complex Vitamins will break down in Ultraviolet Light, or with any energy input. If the coating on each Pill, is sufficiently thick, they will last longer, or if they are in GellCaps, that will retard natural decomposition. ..... YMMV....
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    I don't think it's a vitamin but Lomatil works for the shits hitting the fan or anything else
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    Lomatil may be helpful

    Lomatil may have no vitamin or mineral value in itself, but may help in the absorbtion of vitamins and minerals by slowing passage of food through the gut so that those nutrients can be properly absorbed instead of being rapidly voided.
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    I've read somewhere that Nutritional Yeast is the only non animal source of B12 and the vitamin B complex. Anyone know anything on this?
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