What price is placed on your security.....?

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    I went out saturday with great 'intentions' of getting a few 'needed' items for my land up north...but I had no list (yup, that's a bad thing!) to go by...I make the lists and always leave them at home....
    In the ensuing shopping spree, I found myself unloading what I felt I wanted/needed, and replaced them the things I now feel 'concerned about'...
    At first, I needed to replace a 3/8 inch drill, and get a new set of bits ( I break a lot, drilling steels and such, always in a hurry!). I lost my 1/2 inch drill's chuck key and needed to get another one of those... I also needed to buy 4-6 tire/wheel combinations to replace bad ones on: 1 wheel barrow, and a couple sets on 2 hand trucks/dollys. I needed some new sawzall blades and a new skilsaw blade as well.... And I'd run totally out of mig wire for the welder! I'd planned on 4 rolls at least!...Yeah well, you know what is said about "good intentions"!
    So, I'm all happy and being the 'malcontent' I am, began to look at everything, on every aisle...Not what you'd call a good idea!
    ( You know about the old adage: never go grocery shopping when you're hungry?)
    Well, never let me loose near anyplace that has TOO many items !
    I emptied that cart faster than I had filled it.....
    I suddenly saw something I had been putting off for a few months, wanted, but maybe didn't really NEED it as bad as I thought..."solar powered fence chargers"! Oh yeah! IF: 1 is good 2 is better!
    Then there were those "driveway alert units", again, 2 is always better than 1!
    ( the first 2 were damaged by rain, wind and whatever else nature threw at them!) So, they did need to be replaced, sometime.....( good excuse no?)
    Then I saw those "security camera units", 2 IR cameras with a B&W monitor, split screen, with an adjustable timer to switch if needed...they can be run from the 12 volt system too!
    And then.....those solar lamps for walkways...I have 12 already up there, but, I always wanted MORE! They do Make great night lights I found out!
    So....I spent a ton of money all for "security" purposes...
    Where it is needed to a "degree", BUT, I didn't get the necessities for right now....
    This would NOT be such a bad thing, IF it was only this particular instance...it wasn't.
    It seems to be an ongoing problem...I buy more and more items for security and related, than on anything else...like water purifiers, foods, etc., etc.
    I have all kinds of barbed wire, fencing, posts, signs, and No, I have yet to buy big lights for the gate areas...(I need to put that on another "list"!)
    It is seemingly an endless ritual of buy, buy, buy, for security....
    In reality, just how much can a person have without going "overboard"?
    I want the area to be safe, but the cost is getting to the point here I may be the safest "MUMMY" in the world! I could starve nyself into oblivion tryng to be concerned with security and all the trappings and devices out there!
    Ok, so it's only 4.5 acres, not a lot, and it is heavily wooded in some parts...I originally planned on a dog or 4... (see? there I go again!)
    in order to provide security...
    What is a person to do?:oops:
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    LOL -I don't know, but you might want to get those cameras working before you place all your goodies in the basket or the locals will swoop down like locusts.

    Of course, that is assuming the local law enforcement would do anything about your neighbors and the billions of illegals who regard your property as an extension of their own hacienda.
  3. Tracy

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    Here's my suggestion for a completely wireless, self-contained system. No batteries or transmitters required:
    One good fence, several warning & no trespassing signs, large bag o' kibble, and one bad-ass German Shepherd. :D

    Or if you'd rather save on the kibble, you're home, and you're skilled; Here's a more appropriate sign:
    There ya' go! A relatively inexpensive (yet dependable) security system. :D
  4. ghrit

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    Yeppers, those signs and motion detector flood lights will do for starters. HOWEVER, don't get the Radio Shack motion detector lights, they fail soon after installation. (You might also set up a sound system on a motion detector to play a toothy sized dog barking for when you take him to the vets overnight.)
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  6. dragonfly

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    LOL! I love it!
    But, as you can guess, by now we have a NEW can of worms opened!
    A Local "hero" type "rancher" has decided to open fire on any and all dogs!
    Seems this guy thinks the dogs are eating his newly born calves!
    He's evidently NEVER heard about "mother nature" and how COYOTES follow the cows when the calve, and eat the newborns when they hit the ground!
    We have a vastly superior number of coyotes to anything else around....
    ( except morons!)
    In the past couple of days this person has made an issue of trespassing on 6 others MARKED lands, driving right on past signs into their yards ( on an atv no less!) and making ominous threats...Not empty handed threats...He carries a winchester lever action 30-30 and another rifle ( possibly a .308 or .30-06) with a large long range scope! He claims everyones dog is from a "wild pack" in the area ( which NO ONE has ever seen to date) and he claims the "right" to shoot everyone's damned dogs! Incuding our 2, 4 month old puppies!
    Now he has a claim to fame, as his 'wife' owns the ranch known as the V7. ( Billy Wells)
    He married into fame! Now they are honored for all kinds of crap, and they gave some 160 acres to someone for something or another...blah blah blah...
    Elitists, snobs, ( LOOK AT ME! I have my photo in a museum!) types...
    Anyway, to make this worse, he is buddies with all the local law enforcement agencies.. of 2 counties....So, it's now up to the locals to deal with this clown.
    So, I had to do something!
    I wrote a nice letter to his "museum friends", with all the respect this jerk deserves! ("He needs to be locked up, put on or taken off his current medications, and is now considered a danger to himself and the public"...sort of thing! and I also mentioned that "NO rancher I have ever known, has been this ignorant"!)
    I know: Shame on me!
    Yup, I'm now looking for some big bad a88 doggies or I'll have to get some 2 year olds and start training them myself!
    I have Looked into some of those automatic solar units with leds, but not enough power to do much....Saw some newer halogen types,not sure how well they work! Definitely need MORE light, as out there it's darker than black when the sun goes down! mOst decnt units ( I don't mind the cost so much) but they are all 120 volt....Can't keep a generator running that long, gas went up here from $2.81 to $2.94 over night!! Costs more up there in the middle of nowhere too!
    I Need an electrician or an inventor to make a system that works directly off 12 volt deep cycle batteries, no invertor req'd.....I could use headlights, or halogen fog lamps! That would be NICE!
  7. Seawolf1090

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    Get a video of this moron coming onto yours and your other neighbor's property - then have him reported for tresspass. Down here, 'tresspass with a firearm' is a class 3 FELONY......... maddd

    Let him talk his way out of THAT charge with video proof!!

  8. dragonfly

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    I can do that!
    I have the cameras!
    I think the guy is off his rocker, literally! He needs a shawl too!
    You'd figure that this ole boy would have better sense? But what do I know?
    A few people have dogs, none that are considered to be aggressive or big enough to take on a cow, much less try to eat a calf! They are all well fed and stay to their own areas....
    It's really beyond me....but next I expect to have some dingleberry say they were attacked by "space gypsies"!
    This is just too bizarre!
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