What should I pack?

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by SurvivalTech, Jun 22, 2012.

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    Okay I want to give my buddy a emergency backpack/BOB you know, and was wondering what simple or cheap stuff should I put in it?

    I have my advanced supplies but want to give em some kind of pack...(y)
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    Giving things like that IMO are counter productive. If he has not "seen the light" enough to do it himself then your help will probably be wasted. Will probably end up a dust catcher tossed into the bottom of a closet and forgotten.
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    -06, everyone has to start somewhere. It's not helpful to discourage the efforts of someone who is recognizing the value in being prepared
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    Did his buddy ask for it--did not see that in his post. If he did then wonderful but if not then I stand by my thoughts. I used to actively try to help folks along the way but have stopped----unless they show interest in providing for their family/future. "Welfare" is a wonderful tool ---if it is a hand up and not a hand out. Same with a BOB.
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    I agree and along with .06 I wonder why a list member who has a moniker of Survival Tech would place such a question on this list?

    Along with some of his/her post that just seem to want to be "noticed" by this group, thus haveing some one to talk to or just be busy.

    Dunno, seems strange to have so many questions and then, often as not, ignore the answers or come back later with another version that mimics the first post.

    After all Survival Tech has already ask a like question in more than one post, be it water or bug out bag or YMMV.

    Check'em out.

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    Ok survival tech I am not going to bash you. I see it as counter productive. The other few replies that you have on this thread have their merit and I am not bashing them either by no means. A few basic cheap items. A basic school backpack will do the job to start out. You can alway upgrade and that goes for everything in your preps. Add a basic dollar store or Walmart knife, a poncho, a few bottles of water, a box of granola bars, and a Bic lighter. That is a start on the cheap.
    With that said send me an IM or other way to talk to you offline. I think that I can help you and "your friend" with your needs.
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