What the hell happened to right and wrong

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by fedorthedog, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. fedorthedog

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    I am getting old. I am 53 and was raised by an father who was born in 29 the year of the great depression. I married a girl who is 14 years my junior and have a bunch of jen X and Y kids working for me. Somewhere in here right and wrong became concepts and not absolutes how much of this accounts for our current situation and how do we make them understand.
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  2. BTPost

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    You are right Dog... Many of these X Gens were never schooled in Right & Wrong... They were told that things are only wrong if someone objects, and everything is right as long no one, important, objects. Many Moms are working and no one was Home to teach these kids the Socital Norms, of previous Generations. Then there were the Dads that who never learned what integrity really means, in Fatherhood, and just split the scene, when things got tough.
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  3. Dawg23

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    yea now its all a shade of gray, nothing is black and white, no more absolutes, and everyone gets a trophy. no losers anymore, and when life treats you unfairly, cry whine or yell racism or sexism, or be a victim.
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  4. VisuTrac

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    No, black and white, right and wrong still exist.
    Just ask my kids.
  5. kellory

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    I hear this all the time, and it bugs me. "It's not illegal if you don't get caught." and various variations on the same theme. No! it is illegal weather you get caught or not! Integrity, is doing the right thing when no one else is watching!
  6. Tikka

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    Another is others do it so it is fine if I do.

    Plus, they cannot accept responsibility for any failure.
  7. tacmotusn

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    Unfortunately you seem to be in the minority. Every good Demoncrat knows that mob, oops I mean majority rules. It may not be politically correct, but when in doubt (not often), I will fall back on the Bible, the ten commandments, the golden rule, and the Founding Father's Constitution. None of the above may be perfect for everyone else for one reason or another, but they have served me well, and will until I leave this earth.
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  8. hedger

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    Dog, too bad we cannot unscrew the tops of their heads and insert good values after removing the bad stuff. But that is not going to happen. This attitudinal and values-based taint is way deep in the minds, hearts and souls of our nations' youth. If there is an easy solution for this--I sure do not know what it could be.
  9. Tracy

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    I think it all boils down to loss of one thing: Respect.
    Respect for others, elders, laws... Self.
  10. Brokor

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    Bad parenting, no parenting, Atari, Nintendo, X-Box, Wii, Television, more television, too much television, government sponsored education, Pepsi, Coca Cola, Dr Pepper, Mountain Dew, ADHD, Dr Phil, Jerry Springer, Bill Clinton --the list is endless. Take your pick, mix and match, it doesn't matter because the majority of Americans are so doped up, dumbed down and desensitized that they have become like zombies. Does it all start with bad parenting or GMO foods? It really doesn't matter.
  11. Harbin

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  12. DarkLight

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    I was waiting for you to say "rock and roller cola wars, I can't take it anymore" there for a minute.

    Seriously though, I don't think it can be boiled down to a single thing but there are a few things that are responsible.

    Personal responsibility/accountability - people in general don't have that anymore. We can debate why and that can go on for ages but there it is in black and white and until a majority or people start taking responsibility for their actions ON THEIR OWN, things won't change because they can't. It has to come from within...not from the government, not through laws and not because people will be penalized otherwise.

    Respect - as has been stated before. Self respect, respect for others, respect for other people's property, respect for the laws of the land (constitution). A simple example is people who flick cigarette butts out of their car. It's a silly saying to some, but "no single raindrop thinks it is responsible for the flood". Without respect, in all its forms, the mores and morals that right and wrong for a society are based on can't be realized.

    Integrity - although it ties into the first two, its not the same. If people don't have the ability to trust one another; if a (wo)man's word is no longer their bond, again the society is doomed, it's just a matter of time. Without that simplest of human needs being fulfilled, knowing that the other person 'has your back' or that a transaction isn't going to get turned on its head just to screw you, the end is in sight.

    Until those three components at least are met, IMHO, and met not by mandate but consensus, by people making the conscious decision to change their behavior and that of their children, things won't change.

    It isn't up to the schools, it isn't up to the government, not the police or the military though. It is up to individuals, parents, family members and, if you are religious your churches (whichever type it may be).

    It's up to each of us.
  13. DarkLight

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    Another way to answer your question, nothing has happened to right and wrong, society as a whole just doesn't recognize the distinction anymore.
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  14. Dawg23

    Dawg23 do or do not, there is no try

    yea that started in the early 90's nothing was absolute, it was all gray. right for one is wrong for another. i think all that goes to being PC and raising kids that life is fair. no one loses :censored:
  15. ghrit

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    More like trying to make the balance beam level, no winners, no losers. That way, it can be said that everyone's a winner because there is no measurement that can be applied, just a gut feel.

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  16. Dawg23

    Dawg23 do or do not, there is no try

    yea but life isnt fair, and there are always winners and losers and the prepared and unprepared ;)
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  17. NotSoSneaky

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    As the old Crosby Stills and Nash song used to go: "Teach your children well."

    I refuse to contribute to the decline of society and conduct myself accordingly.
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  18. DarkLight

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    One of the best things about my son being on cub scouts has been the pinewood derby...there is exactly one winner. And I've taught him to do his best, try his hardest and when he hasn't won to be a good loser and resolve to try harder next time!
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  19. Dawg23

    Dawg23 do or do not, there is no try

    awesome! cub scouts, were all kinds of fun, when i was growing up, and moving up to boy scouts, and working my tail off and getting that Eagle. one of the best days of my life, finally achieving that award :)
  20. kellory

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    Went that route myself. i taught knot work, and pioneering.:D
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