What We Can Learn From Social Unrest.

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    Mexican authorities are currently dealing with mass riots and looting after the government was forced to remove fuel price controls, increasing the price of gasoline by nearly 20 percent. Given the amount of central control over the U.S. economy, similar drastic actions and unrest are a very real threat here.

    Following the price increase, angry mobs took to the streets in protests which quickly devolved into mass rioting and looting.

    As the New York Post reported:

    Protests and looting fueled by anger over gasoline price hikes in Mexico have led to four deaths, the ransacking of at least 300 stores and the arrests of more than 700 people, officials said.

    The country’s business chambers said the combination of highway, port and terminal blockades and looting this week forced many stores and businesses to close and threatened supplies of basic goods and fuel. The scenes of mass lootings came as parents faced the last shopping day to get presents for their children before the Jan. 6 Epiphany or Three Kings Day holiday.

    Two people were found dead near looting in the port city of Veracruz. An official with the state prosecutor said late Thursday that the killers had not yet been identified. The official was not authorized to talk to the press and spoke on condition of anonymity.

    Earlier, officials said a bystander was run over and killed by a driver fleeing police also in Veracruz, and a police officer was killed trying to stop robberies at a gas station in Mexico City.

    The violence is being made worse by instigators urging Mexican citizens to torch gas stations and commit acts of violence in an effort to force the government to reinstate price controls.

    Meanwhile, violent cartels in the country are profiting from the increased gas prices by stealing fuel from pipelines and selling it at discounted rates.

    This kind of unrest is common any time an economic events squeezes a majority of the population. And with the U.S.’s economy on shaky ground thanks to the economic manipulation of the Federal Reserve and massive amounts of debt, a panic-inducing economic surprise is a very real possibility.

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    Never say never: What we can learn from social unrest south of the border - Personal Liberty®
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  2. Gator 45/70

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    Reminds me of BLM.
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    Free sh** army is the same the whole world over, doesn't make any difference what race, nationality or where they are located. What makes it worse is when a US senator from a major population state who hopes to someday be the president claims that the groups who do nothing to try to take care of themselves have a "universal right" to health care, education, standard of living, don't really have to obey the laws of the land or participate in a common morality and of course other "minority" groups have the right to move to this country to get these things. Never does say where the money is going to come for those programs, as the English said in a piece I read on the net, yes I know, I now need references and quotes and permission to print, PLAGIARISM, and thus not admissible, but here goes. Socialism works until they run out of other peoples money. The last 8 years have proven that you can fool enough people into being "tolerant" and to believe in hope and dreams to elect a half white, mostly arab, small part negro to be president and really really screw up the country. Started out with a Nobel peace prize for something, and only president in our history to be at war someplace in the world for every day of the eight years he was in office was in office. Never do remember congress declaring it, but I am sure Hitlery and stoneface have something authorizing it on a computer someplace. If we ask real politely, Putin will probably send us a copy of the document. Why does spell check reject negro, arab, indian, as needing capitals as race, but not white?
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    YOU DIDN'T BUILD THAT !! Spellchecker !!! ;)

    You need a cleaning , As with us in Canada also , to the curb & get a real job , that you might break a nail !!!
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  5. Legion489

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    Here we go running down Mexican police again. If the price of gas sky rockets, just have Ganado go down and buy a few hundred pounds of "sugar" again, only don't get caught this time, and that should solve the problem of paying for the gas!
  6. Oltymer

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    People are going soft, and have forgotten how to take care of themselves, so they can't cope with existence challenges.

    It's just a matter of time before something similar happens here and some will be ready to cope but most won't.
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  7. DKR

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    Gas prices in Mexico
    Mx_fuel_prices (updated monthly - this is for non-border areas.

    A Peso now trades for just under $0.047 - yes a Peso is now worth less than a US Nickel. And heading South.
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    Well the gas price just about doubled in 2005 and there were not any riots that I can recall so it won't be over that.
  9. Yard Dart

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    True, but look at what happened when the EBT system went off line for a day or so.....the entitlement society freaked out.
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    Oh yeah people with ebt don't care how much gas costs, if they even have a car.
    Not like they're paying for it.
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    Pun intended?
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  12. Gator 45/70

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    Good to see some of the American dollars coming back into the US to buy gasoline.
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    It should also be noted, this is what happens, when the government takes Socialist action, and puts price controls on consumer goods (in this case, gasoline), then feels as though they need to be removed. The people become so dependent on the artificially low price(s), that when they're removed, all hell breaks loose!

    This can be seen, in a more advanced state, right now in Venezuela. To combat the problem, I heard, el Presidente Maduro has decided to increase the nation's minimum wage, arguing that if people earn more money, they can afford to pay for higher priced consumer goods. No word on how he plans to magically increase the minimum wage, without causing those prices to go even higher....but I'm sure his good little Socialist mind already has a plan in place! :rolleyes:
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