What would you consider necessary knowledge?

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by natshare, Mar 10, 2014.

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    I completely agree with your premise that small rural communities will most likely pull together and be the most viable for reconstitution of the society if something bad was to happen to the nation. Those communities will survive based on agriculture, shared resources, diversity of skills and teamwork. I think that as a prepper you need to have solid wilderness skills, the ability and resources to work agriculture and livestock, and many, many other skills sets to survive.
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    If things go south I for one would hope there are vary few people left. Small communities as well as large will always have power hungry nut jobs with a few buddies that want to be the Master (bullet in head) so, I really don't much care to help anyone learn anything after some big event Besides friends and, family (The ones that are worth a crap). I would say possibly new friends along the way but, that would be total BS If things go pear shaped I trust NOBODY around my family for at least my lifetime (hell I trust Vary few people NOW). I would consider trading in a community but want no part of one. That's why I come here to read and learn possibly something use full I have tried to get a basic Idea on everything I will need to teach my kids. If I see something I can help with now on here or in person glad to help but, For the ones that do nothing to help themselves now, when the lights go out they are deadweight and a liability.
    Just the way I see it if things got real bad.
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    @Darwin well that was quite honest. I tend to be optimistic and that will probably be my downfall. I hear people talk of small communities and they would be nice. I have read many books and most talk about people with skills being allowed in, well where do non-skilled people go? I don't think determination is a skill. I think you are correct about people around your family, I also tend to be the same.
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    Well, this is why I tried to word my question to where we're not talking about right after the SHTF, but 5 or 10 years down the road. People might consider themselves to only want to live in a tight little family group, but genetics will necessitate that you join a larger group, probably after a generation or two.....unless you're into genetic anomolies and playing banjo, that is!

    Nothing against my Appalachian American friends, of course! ;)

    So think of this as down the road a ways, when people have started coming together with trusted friends and families, and need to learn & pass along knowledge that would be needed for the rebuilding of society. :)
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    According to the degree and extent of the collapse will be a determining factor in re organization. If terrible(massive loss of life/starvation) then only local interest need to be addressed(think tribes of people). What ever happens the restructuring needs to be put back the way the planners of the constitution had it---MINUS the liberal elitist by what ever means that is necessary. Tar and Feathers comes to mind but that is only a temporary adjustment.
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    Well depending on the exact nature of the originating 'disaster', some skills will be obsolete, some not. The necessary knowledge, regardless of what happened, is some kind of medical expertise, handyman skills, off-grid living, botany(for which plants are edible or toxic), food preservation, and bushcraft. I'm not including cooking since that was already mentioned, and common sense(or lack of it) would most likely have weeded out the dullards so to speak, and those left would be able to figure it out, if they haven't already.
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