What would you have if you needed it?

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    Ok we all know that if you need to defend your self the gun at home or the one under the seat dont help when your walking down the street but what about your emergency gear? Just for an example say you are at the lake or what ever a few days hike from home and the vehicle burns up then maybe you find that there is some kind of SHTF, not so much on MBZs but that you arent gonna be able to hitch a ride and are going to have to take care of your self for a few days. So what all do you carry WITH you all the time, not behind the seat or in the trunk but if you are walking down the street on a normal day what do you have on your person that you could use?
    At least 99.9% of the time my basic list for the useful things on my person would be something like this; 2 lock blade pocket knives, a multi tool iether Gerber or Winchester, a pocket size dimond dust sharpening stone, a zippo, card of flints, MRE tobasco bottle that holds 1 refill of Zippo fluid, 'hat band' made of about 50 feet of 770 paracord braded down to be the right length to go around and have both ends tie to the back of the hat and usualy a minimag type light.
    So I was just wondering what anyone else carried all the time that they figured would help if they got stuck with only what was on them and had to make it with that stuff for a few days.
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