What's pho dinner

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Bishop, Feb 8, 2017.

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    Forget pics, recipes or it didn't happen.
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    Gotta Get Some PHO!!! Super yummy with a bunch of onions! I actually enjoy Vietnamese dishes often, but have not sought out recipes just yet! There is one with thin cut pork, marinated and BBQed in a rich Plumb type sauce that I really enjoy, but I cannot find the sauce any where! Please post a recipe for PHO!!!
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    Best post of the day, need to show the little ones enjoying it as well. God grant us the wisdom to savor those thing in life that truly matter. While we may argue about politics and really achieve nothing, it is much more important in the long run to have happy, healthy children and the blessings of a good wife and a good dog! Reached the point that if I do watch the "news", I have to let my dog take me for a walk down around the lake to regain my touch with reality and what is actually important.
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    I had some Pho a couple of days ago. There's a Pho Nam restaurant a few miles away and all this guys stuff is fresh, super nice guy also. I had an appetizer of baked quail , man that bird had an awesome flavor. I asked him what he did to it, he said he marinated it in some kind of wine . Mm, starting to get hungry now,,,,
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    Was in a Thai restaurant a few weeks ago and they had kim chee on the menu. Got some and it was the worst that I have ever tasted. Complained to the waiter, boss came out and invited me to the kitchen and gave me a plate with some very good kim chee, that he had made, said he was sorry but that he could not serve it in the dining room as most of his customers would not tolerate either the heat or the smell. Went back a week later and he just invited me straight to the break area next to the kitchen. Had an excellent meal, hot food, strange tastes, and not on the menu. He now speaks to me when he sees me about town too.
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    All kinds of PHO recipes right here. PHO - Yahoo Search Results ........ Now I need to find a local Vietnamese Restaurant to try out
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    Beef broth
    Eye if round steak thin sliced
    Vermicelli noodles
    Bean sprouts
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    I have never had Pho but it looks real healthy and easy to make.
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    This place is starting to be too much like Facebook.o_O
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    I think Tom Yum Goong is my favorite meal in the world.
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    My daughter loves Pho! I think its OK, but I am a steak, potato, and salad girl. Med rare, with a little A-1, SOURCREAM on my potato, and I love blue cheese on my salad. My hubby took me to Texas steak house yesterday for our valentines dinner. I will be other side of country on valentines so we celebrated early. DELICIOUS!

    I haven't put jalapeño in mine. Will have to try that!
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    Hoorah!!! Pho! I like the meat ball variety! Little quenelles of yummy force meat, (we've never been afraid of variety meats!" :D Add, bean sprouts, basil, bitter leaf, lime juice and the dead lime wedge!
    Extra onions too!
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