What's sulphur good for?

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    Aside from its uses mentioned for medicinal (sulfa drugs and such), indusrtial uses includeing to be added to water to make H2SO4 or sulpheric acid (which is whats in your car battery and IIRC was used in jars with lead probes in the old days for household batteries to run lights) and its uses in gun black powder (Im pretty sure there are simpler meathods then those explained since it was fairly common for pioneers to make their own powder), sulfur can also be used IIRC in some types of leather tanning and I know a handful of sulfur tossed in the woodstove is a meathod mentioned in an Amish cookbook I have for putting out a chimney fire and I think it also mentions it can help to clean the chimney.

    In short there are a LOT of uses for sulfur but based on the other items on the list the most likely intended use would be medicinal as an antibiotic for those alergic to penicilin and such or IIRC as a cloting agent.
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    Sulfur, element # 16 on the periodic table, one of the 12 basic minerals. It burns yellow /green in color, it is used in sulfuric acid, for dyes, drugs, explosives, fertilizers, hydrochloric acid, [battieries] disinfectant, hydrogen sulfide gas which is more deadly than cyanide. Sulfur is found in selenium, thiamine, biotin, taurine cystine and methionine. Sulfur is found in the cytopIasm, and and outside cells. It fights malignancies as it is anticarcinogenic and antimutagenic. It is found in beans broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, red peppers, garlic, ginger, horseradish and onions. Sulfur is magnetic, attraction only. Coffee stimulates sulfur, and onions, beets, and radishes and fetilized eggs have high content. The sperm is silicon, the ovium is carbon. Pregnancy is sulfurization.
    The Diamond Body by Adono Ley 1972.
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    Oh man,....
    And I thought I was the only person to know about the sulfur and molasses mixture!
    Shades of childhood!
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