What's your everyday carry?

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  1. Thunder5Ranch

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    RI .38 wheel gun on the small of the back... I am really starting to love this Rock Island .38, Old Colt Python on the hip Yeah I like my wheel guns, a machete on the other hip, a Sharp Finger on the belt, a folding knife in every pocket. And a Zippo, smoke and tubes in my cookie tin. That is just around the farm. Going out it is just .38 and the cookie tin and a couple of knives in pockets.
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  2. Yard Dart

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    Well I carry usually a 9MM with one spare mag, a CRKT folding knife, tactical pen and sometimes a Gerber multi-tool. In my rig I have about an extra two hundred rounds with a couple of spare mags, GHB, first aid kit, short range ham radio, water, life straw and so on.... I used to have about a two day walk to get home if SHTF, still adjusting to getting home in just an afternoon now days. :)
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  3. Seacowboys

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    Python is just hard to beat, I got a four inch that sees a lot of carry.
  4. sec_monkey

    sec_monkey SM Security Administrator


    • 4 x 5.56x45mm
    • 2 x 7.62x51mm
    • 1 x .45ACP
    • 1 x 7.62x39mm
    • 1 x .30-06
    • 1 x .50 BMG
    • 1 x .45-70
    • 1 x .308
    • 2 x 2mm
    • 2 x missile launchers
    • grenades
    • armor

    ;) ;) :ROFLMAO::LOL:
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  5. ochit

    ochit Monkey+

    uninformed people are going to get a rude surprise when they try their hand aat raising a garden or fruit, there is a lot to understand that many take a few years and proper attention to get a good crop and some years it's a bust, due to no fault of your own. It took 3 years for my vines to produce good tasting grapes at first they were sour and musty after that the 2 main runners (everything else you trim in January here) and that lets the 2 naked vines have all the energy to grow and produce fruit I have vines that run 20+ feet. Last year my blackberries produced a 1/3 of the previous year no rhyme or reason same year figs hardly made a double handful year before got over 15 gallons . It is not a perfect science you can fertilize trim and nurture and nature drops rain in buckets and your crop is minuscule as too much of anything can have a reverse effect. A plant need to exercise as people a lack of water stresses the plant and a good rain relieves that like tension on a muscle and release heat and cool are the plants circulation some thrive in a certain environment but need some change in temps or they don't thrive.

    Anyone that has ambitions to grow and not a lot of time passive growing is the best way to start you want fruit trees that suit your climate and know what and when to care for them before you go all in, I would have to say Blackberries and blueberries are pretty durable and tolerate abuse blackberry "canes" do not produce the first year they grow tall and you need to top them to bush or I like to train them to a trellis they will grow 10 foot tall, the next year those canes will produce fruit and new canes will come up after the fruit is harvested over weeks I leave them till late winter and the previous years canes die you need to cut these out with limb cutters or else they will get so thick you can't run a dozer through them.and they don't do anything for the new growth but if you train them they make a good walking stick light and tough they are also good larger tinder once dry.

    Every plant has a time Loquats bear in the early spring blackberries I am picking now, grapes and figs in a month or so. I love peaches but, so do squirrels and when they are green so I rarely get any but I do get my share of squirrels so it's a trade off I have no reason now but in a bad time I can take robin redbreast dove and a few other birds that visit my fruit. I doubt I will go hungry again there is a possibility that Yellowstone goes and we have a couple years of nothing and die off happened in Europe in 1815 Mount Tambora eruption the ash reflected or absorbed the sunlight and little grew first starvation many froze to death and then disease waves of flu and colds that turned into Pneumonia and in those days more than likely you died. weather in not something you can forecast there are too many variables volcanoes droughts monsoons in places not known for them alters growing patterns and when crops fail if you do not have a Larder full your going to suffer and if there is a wave of illness in a depleted state your apt to die child mortality skyrockets birth rates drop because of death in the womb and some of the women die from complications, Life is not a graph that wiggles in a range it wild and unknowable

    Farmers and ranchers know this, we go for decades ticking along and then it may be weather illness or insects or a combination and your praying you can keep enough alive to have a brood stock plants or seed to start again you have to plant there can be a change you don't expect but you want to keep seed back for another year and there have been times like the dust bowl where farmers and ranchers lost everything. Don't let science or the CO-OP tell you it can't happen because we have new methods because those "new" methods came from unexpected horrors and we learned but not all can be mitigated as the people in Hawaii lava or Mt Saint Helen feet of ash the 80's when the Mississippi basin flooded and took a lot of the top soil, and no crops. Life isn't fair it is not historically traceable hundreds of years with no major problem and like Africa a lake evaporated that supplied 4 countries it happens be prepared or suffer and starve. Don't be a damn fool and eat like your used to better to go on rations and string it out as long as you can Venezuelans thought their problem would not last this long 2002 and every year more decline this year 700% inflation and it is not near over the death rate is almost that of Syria. Those 2 boxes of shells are not going to last that long and peanut butter sucks without bread and jelly. hell they have no cooking oil if you can't afford food and utilities your clothes better last all these fashionistas wearing the wino sheik holes in their pants are going to wish the got a good pair.
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  6. BlueDuck

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    My basic EDC is a Ruger LC9s, a folding Gerber, a Leatherman Micra and a few bucks. As the season and the mission changes, I may add but never subtract.
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  7. Zimmy

    Zimmy Wait, I'm not ready!

    .38 S&W
    Benchmade barrage
    Leatherman crunch
    Personal ring of keys with light
    Work keys
    Wallet with fresnel lens and (possibly cheesy) credit card multitool thingy
    Cell phone
    11n1 screwdriver
    Bic lighter
    Tweaker screwdriver
    Inkpen and notepad
    Retractable reel and ID badge plus other crap
    Can of snuff
    Casio G-shock watch with compass, barometer, Ect

    550 cord for bootlaces in my Obaz hikers

    That's on my person.
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  8. Tully Mars

    Tully Mars Metal weldin' monkey

    Yeah well I'm getting a bit older and my back ain't what it useta be;)
  9. Shinzo

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    You must have some big arms to be carrying that gear all day mate!
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