When was the last time you went through your BOB?

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by E.L., Jan 8, 2007.

  1. E.L.

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    I went through mine yesterday, amazing what you forget you have in there and what you thought was in there that wasn't. I forgot I had bought emergency flares. I thought I had food and water in it [dunno]. I already have some food stored in the vehicles, but none in the BOB. I also tested out the new camelback, no problems. The next couple of days I am going to re-equip both of our 4x4's with "improved" BOB's. Food for four for a week, water, ammo, lights, batteries, etc. I need to add some N95 masks to the bags too. I can see where they could be used in a lot of different scenarios.

    Have you checked yours lately?
  2. GoatLady

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    I'm in the process of putting ours together. Also I found I can't fit the stupid emergency vehicle BOB in the van (ok, the BOB isn't stupid......the van is!) So I'll be breaking it up into severasl smaller kits to fit it all in (MAN Montana's were NOT made for storage space!!!) And I'm working on our personal BOB's as well. ALL my $$ had to go for garden seeds this paycheck, but next one will go to getting the BOB's closer to completion. I have 2 N95 masks, never even thought to put them in the BOB's, total DUH moment for me LOL. Gotta get some more and put some in each bag.
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    The last time I realy went through mine was probably about November or maybe October. I go through mine every fall and spring at the very least to adjust them for the season. I dont need near as much gatoraid in the winter as I do in the summer and I dont need the thermal long johns in the summer and so on. Beyond the couple of overhauls per year to the kits, I also tend to use out of them regularly and so see what is there and what isnt or is getting low and replace what ever is low regularly.
  4. snowbyrd

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    [peep] Which BOB? Infant BOB, Baby BOB, BOB or Big BOB?
    Infant-small fanny pack, goes on walks to the neighbors, couple miles max.
    Baby BOB-day pack good for 3 or so days/nights.
    BOB-medium pack, frameless, A week +/-.
    Big BOB-3+ weeks.
    I check them about once a month, Big BOB is mostly winter, BOB, spring/fall. Baby short trips, eg town (35+miles). They all vary insofar as clothes and weather is concerened. snowbyrd (here too now)
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    Started this past week...

    I've been going through a couple BOB lists trying to accumulated items as I can. This weekend I'll finalize my list and see how much more will be needed -- it's going to be only half done, if that. There's a list in another thread that was pretty nice, plus a list at another web site. If I can combine them into a reasonable format, I'll post.

    The main thing is to keep improving preparations weekly (or daily, if possible). I don't want to let it sit again for months at a time. I've got family that will be depending on the preparations I'm making now -- whether they know it or not.
  6. snowbyrd

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    use it

    If ya use it once in while then you will know what you need and what not is needed. Practice, practice, practice. [banghead] I am getting known for this thing. PRACTICE[banghead] DO IT DO IT ect... I know preach to the ?????. Turn off ya' powa' elect' wata gaz n stuff, OH NO it's winta! Sheesh, just do it. Use 'da BOB n oder stuff and DO IT! How else will you know if it is good 'nuf for a day or two (3-4-5-6-7????) Hey I do and I ain't got 'dat stuff, drive off and 'pretend' I'm broke down, my wife hates it but also loves it, hmmm wimmin. :sneaky: Do it don't just talk it. snowbyrd
  7. monkeyman

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    Snowbyrd, a good idea but I would mention that IMO it would be prudent to mention that, if you have not done it before then A)make sure you can remove yourself from the situation at a moments notice (like by flipingthe power main back on, etc.) and/or B)go with someone who is experienced and/or C) wait for spring (or less deadly weather than the teens) to try the 'break down' senario.

    Once you do have some experience behind you then the buddy system is still a good thing when possible but a lot more 'strenuous' or 'challenging' senarios can be played out for practice, and should. I just mention this since I know we have folks at all levels here and whould hate to find that someone decided to take their first ever camping trip in Jan (in a cold climate) to try to practice and learn with no experience behind them to build from. Could (or should I say would likely) end badly.
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