While building my latest bugout backpack.........

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    Last night my oldest daughter and I went to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things, and I thought it would be a good opportunity to work on another two bug-out back-packs, an extra for us, and one for my Mom who travels frequently. I found a couple of packs that were suitable for storage, and moderate hiking and proceeded to fill them up with all sorts of Coleman goodies, meds, toiletries, knives, lighters, Mountain House, sterno, etc. While we were in the camping aisle, I already had a basket full of items, and the packs on top. There was this 20 something year-old kid that obviously noticed the packs and started a conversation with my 16 yr. old. I pretended not to notice, but I was curious to hear what others think, so the conversation went like this:

    Young man : "So, are y'all going camping?"
    My daughter: "I don't know"
    Young man: "Well, i'm building a go-bag!"
    My daughter: "Is that so?"
    Young man: "Yeah, all of my buddies have them at work, and they are all really scared that something is about to go down. They told me I better build a go-bag, so when it does I will be ready. Everybody is getting ready for something. If something happens, i'm heading to the woods. I don't have a gun yet, but I do have a shotgun on lay-away, it is bad-ass, a Mossberg 500 pump 12 gauge. Oh, and I play a lot of paint ball."
    My daughter: "that's nice."

    At this point, I was doing my best to keep from laughing, so I led her out of the aisle to hit the medical, toiletries area. After we were finished there, she had to head to the food side of the store so I drifted back over to the camping aisle to look things over again and see if I missed anything that I needed. This poor guy was standing there staring at everything, but I don't think he had but an item or two in his cart. After a minute or so of looking through everything again, I turned around to see if he needed any help, or if he would listen to any direction, but he was already gone.

    Now by this time it is about eleven at night, so we go to check out. Of course the guy at the register is a San Francisco hippie (he told me all of that.) He wanted to know if I was going camping, I just told him I was heading to the ranch to do some camping, then he had a few more questions about where it was, and made a few statements about how Texas had such a range of different environments, and that it wasn't like that out in San Francisco, etc. He did make one interesting comment: "seems like lots of people are going camping". While the ammo shelves were empty but for shotgun, and a couple of bolt gun calibers, the camping supply section looked pretty full. As things get worse and more people start "going camping" those things are going to start to run out as well. I have been to three Wal-Marts in the past week, all pistol and semi-auto ammo is gone. The only .223 I saw was at Academy, where Monarch is $9.99 a box of 20.

    If you need anything, I wouldn't wait too long. I am starting to see the current events and the fear within the peripheal vision of the general public.

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    that small bug out bag you gave me goes with me everyday, thanks buddy for the great gift.
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    It seems to be catching on, that there is "something" most definitely in the wind....or, the water, or perhaps both?
    Most Walmarts, Kmarts, sporting goods stores here in Phoenix, are being literally "picked" clean.
    No ammo, no primers, no brass, no nada!
    A few stores have some way overpriced shotguns, and some .223 here for $23.99 for a box of 20! No shotgun shells, and nothing except some wildcat calibers.
    And very few of those left today!
    Finding any Reloading supplies is like searching for hens teeth, and frog hair!
    It ALL R B gone! ( Ifeel like Rod Serling: "Welcome to the Twilight Zone"!)
    So, being determined, I went to get a "few" more arrows....
    Nope, they are gone too! Nothing in any store I went to.
    Man this is gettin' TOO weird, even for me!
    Not even a danged slingshot in local stores ?....Now c'mon!!!
    BTW: I see that recently there has been a sudden "run" on some purchases from sportsmansguide.com, site.
    I was going to get a few more blankets, and 2 of the mil style medical cots...and along with their 26.5mm flares, But, NOW they are ALL GONE!
    It is getting strange.
    Not being an alarmist, nor a conspiracy theorist, and no tin foil hats in the family, I am beginning to get a TAD BIT worried, or at the least, somewhat concerned now.
    Either "WE" are all paranoid, or maybe it's "them"?
    Personally, I have to go with the "them" ......
    One more item:
    How can the economy be so bad, with all the sales of ammo, guns, camping gear, and such?
  4. E.L.

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    I stuffed so much stuff into that little bag I was afraid the zipper was going to bust. Thankfully the little bag and it's zipper are extremely tough. For my bags now I use backpacks, so that they can be humped if need be. I need to go through my stuff again, get all of my big bags out and go over everything again. I need to add in a change of clothes and some old shoes or boots. I keep a couple of big packs, that are not personalized. Here before long I am going to take my daughter to all of the sporting goods stores and let her choose a pack she likes, and feels comfortable toting, then let her personalize it and help her to choose the items to fill it. A small Katadyn water filter, fire starters, knife, water, Mountain House, her flashlight, multi-tool, etc.

    I am glad you got some use out of that bag, I just hope you never have to have it. Nothing like a little more insurance, that's why my bags have gas masks now.
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    just wondering about something we all have b.o.b but how many mags do you have loaded and ready to go in a moments notice. i mean knowone wants to be trying to load mags and get out of dodge at the same time. right now i bave all the mags i need and i'm set on ammo but i only kep one loaded mag in each gun and i keep 3 mags on the side. i keep all my handgun mags loaded and in holsters but the rifles like my ak's and m4 i just have one mag apiece and 3 singles that i keep loaded . the rest of my mags stay unloaded the shotgun is loaded and ready. but i was just wondering how many mags you guys got ready to go with that b.o.b.?
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    I have several magazines loaded, and for the revolver, 6 speed loaders all ready to go....
  7. Byte

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    Oh you know...enough...[gun]

  8. Tango3

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    firearms? whut far-arms? all my guns fell outta my canoe..
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